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First 70.3 victory in record time

Sunday, February 7th, 2010

I dit it … wow! Today I can celebrate my first 70.3 Ironman victory (ok, it is not a big party on, but I`ve bought me a large family pizza just for myself and I`ll enjoy it tonight).
In the Geelong newspaper yesterday, they always spoken of a “re-match between Switzerland and Warriner’s Caroline Steffen (re-match after my 2nd place in NZ, 18 sec. behind Sam). This made me a little nervous, and the numbers of hours sleep the night before the race, you can count them on 4 fingers. At 7a.m the race start. I said to myself: “do never look back, simply make your own race, give everything and a little more and if you have a good day, it will be enough and you can get the victory and lifting up the trophy at the end. And it was enough :-) Perhaps also because of the adrenalin shock how I got when I swam in to a swarm of jellyfish. In this sek. I was not sure how dangerous these little creatures are and if I’m going to die in the next 10sec. now … but nothing happened, and so I left the water just behind Sam and Lisa in 3th place. On the bike, I was disposed to leave the girls and made a gap of 5min. This 5min lead, I was able to keep up until the end of the 21km run and so… with a new record and a big lead, I celebrating and enjoy the finish line.
Now I`ll get my pizza and make good a few hours sleep :-) Cheers from Geelong, Caroline