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Race report – Victory SIN 70.3

Thursday, March 25th, 2010


Ok, I`m a bite late with me report but it takes me always some day to get the blog in english ;-)
Dont have to report too much . It was a great race without many of downs or adversities. No spectacular cramps in the run or racks collapsed in me T2 … boring. Just had a little fight with a bloody jellyfish-attack. He burning me of the half forearm. It made me to forget all pains in the legs, thats the good side. The bad, it was still burning after race and me arm was swollen like a sea cucumber… 5day later, it still lucks like I had the morbilli on just one arm :-(

I consider my win to be a gift to myself. The last few months I have trained harder than ever before and this is my reward. My 4th place a week earlier in Abu Dhabi gave me great confidence, especially for the run. So when I was 3 minutes behind Jodie Swallow after a solid swim and bike, I didn’t let it get to me. I did my own race and my own pace and enjoyed the finish line at the end like never before.


Congratulation also to Stephan and Jan, well done. “Chapeaux” for your race James, I`m sure you will swim much faster in IM SA just to escape me little smacks ;-)


…more pictures on me homepage www.steffencaroline.ch http://www.steffencaroline.ch/gallerie/04a3aa9cfa0ee0101/index.html

Scary morning in Abu Dhabi

Friday, March 12th, 2010

…someone said that our blogs are boring and we will publish more pictures. Oh girl, this is a special blog for you with some photos (sorry no pictures of myself ;-) ).

Who knows the movie “The fog” ?

…Abu Dhabi this morning at 7.38 a.m

12.03.10, 7.38 a.m

…at 7.45 a.m

7.45 a.m

…at 7.50 a.m

7.50 a.m

“Pasta Party” and PRO briefing yesterday night, something nobler than usual…



Abu Dhabi by night…


Get ready for Abu Dhabi International

Wednesday, March 10th, 2010

First, a big THANK YOU on all TBB member in Singapore. You guys did a awesom job the last few weeks!!!


Yesterday morning, I had my last ride in Krabie and now I`m in Singapore (ok it was already yesterday becauce I`m now in Abu Dhabi) and get my bike ready for Abu Dhabi. I just love my new Cervelo P4.


I flew over from Singapore to Colombo to Abu Dhabi. A bite a different flight – on board, it was a atmosphere like on an Indian bazaar, missing was only the flying chickens… I guess some of them flown for the first time. So it was not surprising if some sitting up from the seat and wanted to leave the plane although we`re still with 100km/h on the landing ground…

Now Abu Dhabi. I`m so lucky. I god a realy nice homestay… and I dont have to wear a tarboosh :-) .


After a few prayers at 5a.m this morning :-o , I had a ride. The traffic is perilous, the racecours at the moment a highway and the driver dont know how to handle it, if there is a bike on the road. So, I made my choise and swap over to the footpath…


Some more pictures and news tomorrow, cheers from the desert, Xena

How to meet a famous person, Part 2

Saturday, March 6th, 2010

…or “Who is the hero of the world?”
…I is amazing, just check this link:


Swissmiss ;-)

How to meet a famous person, Part 1

Saturday, March 6th, 2010

This is a very simple question. Just follow me ;-) Ig bi so viel am umereise im Moment, da lauft eim de eint oder ander Promi scho mal über de Weg…

Meeting place 1, Thailand


Brett Sutton, a awesome coach how is working so hard to bring out the best of each individual athlete. For me a privilege, to working together with him … and a challenge as well… Isch nid immer guet “Kuechäässä” mit Ihm aber, wer het scho gärn Kuechä ;-)

Meeting place 2, Australia


Craig Alexander, yes thats me ;-) next to “Mr. Triathlon”, Australien Sport Award winner 2009, hero of Kona, it was definitely a very very special moment for me. And for a photo just behind the finishline, we`re looking tardet up!?

Meeting place 3, Singapore


Ronald Mc Donald, …just a little kiss befor I left Singapore …De fette Hamburger u Pommfrites gits de nach mim nächste Renne, aber den die XXL Portion ;-)