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Get ready for Abu Dhabi International « Caroline Steffen’s Blog


Get ready for Abu Dhabi International

First, a big THANK YOU on all TBB member in Singapore. You guys did a awesom job the last few weeks!!!


Yesterday morning, I had my last ride in Krabie and now I`m in Singapore (ok it was already yesterday becauce I`m now in Abu Dhabi) and get my bike ready for Abu Dhabi. I just love my new Cervelo P4.


I flew over from Singapore to Colombo to Abu Dhabi. A bite a different flight – on board, it was a atmosphere like on an Indian bazaar, missing was only the flying chickens… I guess some of them flown for the first time. So it was not surprising if some sitting up from the seat and wanted to leave the plane although we`re still with 100km/h on the landing ground…

Now Abu Dhabi. I`m so lucky. I god a realy nice homestay… and I dont have to wear a tarboosh :-) .


After a few prayers at 5a.m this morning :-o , I had a ride. The traffic is perilous, the racecours at the moment a highway and the driver dont know how to handle it, if there is a bike on the road. So, I made my choise and swap over to the footpath…


Some more pictures and news tomorrow, cheers from the desert, Xena

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