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The time is running

Monday, July 19th, 2010

Now, I`m in Leysin since 6 weeks – and the time is running. I do not want to bore you with lots of text – I guess pictures speaks more then 1000 words. Here are some pictures of the last six weeks.

Week 1:
After 70.3 Switzerland and the first couple of “Sutton sessions” it was time, to destroy the last souvenir (big Rocklea Road) of lovely Australia. (Thanks Nat!)


Week 2:
Special event on the way back after our bike session. The “Tour de Suisse” passing Leysin. Cheering for our favorit Team Cervélo and Cancellara in the yellow jersey.


Week 3:
Photoshoot with our Team TBB sponsor Cervélo


Week 4:
Racing time :-) Fiedler & Pels-Verlag www.fup-verlag.de. – I`d like to say thank you for the awesome pictures.


…and a encounter with the German Police. Fined for not allowed driving in a zone agricultural!? … thanks Tom Tom!


Week 5:
Dog attack and a tetnis shot in my a** (no pictures for the public… ). Little excursion to the big boys


…and trip in the Swiss Alps


Week 6:
Ketchup competition as the final challenge of a other hard day.


Cheers Xena

IRONMAN European Championship, Frankfurt

Thursday, July 8th, 2010

4:00a.m, my alarm clock rings. I wake up and … feeling at this moment far away of a good race feeling. Rather, tired, tense and exhausted. But complaining dosn’t help, so I get out of bed and prepare for the fight. It was the “Längste Tag des Jahres” on program.

“Steffen in … and out of T2 Caroline Steffen told the television folks that “she’s hoping for a personal best” today. You think? She’s well ahead of Sandra Wallenhorst and Yvonne van Vlerken, two of the fastest Ironman athletes in the world, as she starts the run”

After a successful swim start, I took the lead on the bike and rode alone for the entire 185km, taking a lead of over 6 min into the run. So I could start the marathon with a little buffer on the other girls. Despite a new personal best marathon time of 9min, I lost the euoropean title in the last few km. After 8h31min I had to pass the lead to Sandra Walenhorst. A pity, but I have given everything, fought hard and won a second place.

“Steffen’s riding style: Her slow cadence reminds some of us of Chrissie Wellington’s powerful pedal stroke – others here in the media room say she looks like a “female Cancellara” (without the motor, of course). The bottom line, though, is she looks great as she powers away in front of the race here”

Thank you all for the fantastic support at the racecourse – felt like the Tour de France – something I`ve never experienced. Thanks also for all your congratulatory messages and texts!


“Second, Caroline Steffen cruised up the finishing chute, celebrating with a wave to the crowd as she finished in 9:06:43″.