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A dream come true, 2nd place IM WC Hawaii « Caroline Steffen’s Blog


A dream come true, 2nd place IM WC Hawaii

What a day. A dream come true…

I can’t find any words to explane my emotions and feelings at the moment. I did not sleep much since my race last Saturday, but that does’t matter. My mailbox swells formally over, the Swiss mobile phone rings and pipst continuously and my homepage has established over 3’000 visitors/day. It’s a great feeling to know I’ve done everything right. A great feeling to get glory back after the hours and hours of hard work.  A indescribable feeling, to cross the finishline at the Ironman Hawaii, with the Swiss flag in my hand, after a perfect race.

I’ll post a racereport later on (when I’ve some more time). But I like to say thank you all for watching my race on the computer until late night and cheering for my on the racecourse in Kailua-Kona. Thank you for all your lovely text messages, mail and releases in the my guestbook!

Aloha Xena

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