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Swiss Miss claims first

Monday, November 1st, 2010

What a weekend, Swiss Miss (name on my racenumber!!!) claims first at the biggest triathlon event of Australia.

I started with an average swim.  After the start, I could keep up with the leading group until the girl in front of me let the group go. I tryed to get back but the gap was already too big. After this misstake, I had to swim all the way back to the beach by myone. 1min behind the lead, I left the water. On the bike, I pushed like alwasy my big gears, passed the most of the girls after 10km, the last two girls Ashleigh and Emma  just befor the turn around. From this stage, I took the lead until the finishline. 10km was to go on the bike and I just keep going with my work. I guess I was hurting some girls behind me. Back in T2 I had a 1min lead to Ashleigh Gentle (AUS) and a 1.30min lead to Emma Jackson (AUS). Run: started in a nice 10km pace. Some one told me on the way out: “Caroline its only 10km to go not 42km”. thank God. On the turn around, I’ve successfully defended my 1min lead.  Realized they now to work harder so having a change to catch me. Ashleigh Gentle start to pushing her pace and got closer and closer. Dave, he has been waiting for me at the 9km mark, when I passed him he said “Swiss, you have to go NOW, she’s coming”!!!!!!!!!! …so I had a look over my shoulder and saw her so f*** close. I’m used to having a 5 to 10min lead not to see the letters on my opponents racekit. So, 1km to go I saw the bridge, I start to SPRINT (ok, it felt like sprinting) I nearly stumble over my own feet, like I said –  not used to sprint in a race. The crowd got crazy my body was burning….but how cares I was on the way to win the biggest triathlon event of Australia. Thinking, if I’m still leading on the top of the bridge I can bring it home. A other look back on the top of the bridge, she  was still behind me, even closer. I had to go a other 100m very very hard  - a other look back and I got her, I broke her. Some high 5 and waves to the crowd and the work was done. I crossed the finishline after 2h01:18 as an first ever non Aussie female winner at the Triathlon Multisport Noosa Festival. Wow, it was just an amazing feeling !!!

USM Events
Swiss Triathlon

Caroline Steffen, Lisa Maragon

1. Caroline Steffen Swiss 2:01:18
2. Ashleigh Gentle Robina 2:01:22
3. Nicky Samuels Wanaka 2:03:30
4. Emma Jackson Joyner 2:04:27
5. Melissa Rollison Holland Park 2:04:47
1. Courtney Atkinson Mermaid Waters 1:46:54
2. Kris Gemmell Palmerston North 1:47:06
3. Peter Kerr Warrnambool 1:48:10
4. Samuel Betten Brisbane 1:48:40
5. James Seear Brookfield 1:48:49