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Review 2010

Tuesday, December 28th, 2010

14 races – 8 wins – world champ ITU LC – 2nd place IM WC Hawaii

Geelong February 2010: I won my first major race and immediately knew these emotions and feelings, I like too feel again. At this time, if someone would told me, whats coming up in the next few months, I probably wouldn’t believe them. 
2010: Step by step, race by race, I could improve myself and got mentally stronger. The trainings splits, with Brett as my coach,  improved almost from week to week, I got  fitter, stronger and faster. Mid year, I get the problem “Nutrition in the race ” under control as well.
You see, not a miracle but hard and disciplined work over 10 months, a process brought me finally to the podium of the Ironman Hawaii.

Photo by Richard Melik

Thank you • Thank you • Thank you

Thank you  to all my sponsers, Your support was gold for me!!!

Thank you … to all my private supporters, You gave me the support how made the travel much easier.

Thank you … Team TBB for all your great work this year and the opportunity which was given too me.

Thank you … Coach Brett, for showing me all I can achieve with good training and smart racing.

Thank you … David, you always believed in me. To hear your voice before the race is worth a mint.

Thank you …to my family, for cheering me on during the race and understanding when I’m back on the road for a little longer. 

Thank you … to all of you who reading my blog and watch our team website :-)

10 “christmas-calories-counting-rules”

Monday, December 20th, 2010

Christmas time is also the time of treats and overloaded dinners out of mum’s kitchen. Do you feel guilty after asking for a second plate of this yummy christmas pudding? You dont have to, if you following the 10 “christmas-calories-counting-rules”.

  1. If you eat something and no one can sees it, it doesn’t count.
  2. If you eat together with your friends, it only count the calories which you eat more than your friends.
  3. Food, by reason of medical purposes like: hot chocolate, red wine or cognac, doesn’t count.
  4. Cakes and biscuits have no calories if you eat them in small pieces (the fat evaporated if you break the candys).
  5. Food with the same color also has the same amount of calories. For example: tomato and strawberry jam or mushrooms and whipped cream.
  6. If you drink a diet coke and eat a block of chocolate at the same time, the calories in the chocolate will be destroyed by the diet coka.
  7. Froze food doesn’t have any calories (calories are a thermal unit).
  8. Everything you eat (popcorn, ice cream, pretzels, peanuts) during entertainment  (watching  movies, listening music etc.) doesn’t count because it is a part of the entertainment program.
  9. Everything you nibble while baking or cooking, doesn’t count. As a good chef, to taste is your duty.
  10. The more you fatten your family, you’ll feel slimmer.

1st IRONMAN 70.3 Phuket – It was unique and unforgettable

Tuesday, December 7th, 2010

Who can say, “I’ve crossed the finish line together with an elephant”? I can, I and Mr. Dumbo ran together the last 2oom of the 70.3 Phuket which was rewarded with some tenderness at the end – ok, he nearly yank out my head but it’s probably a sign of affection in the language of the elephants?

That was certainly the most diverse and challenging 70.3 course I’ve ever done. The organizers did everything to make this first Asia-Pacific Championship 70.3 Ironman to a very special event. It was unique and unforgettable! The swim course was divided into two sections with a little short run in the middle to the other side of a sand dune, changing from salt in to the freshwater lagoon. The bike course was very technical, with many sharp curves, steep ramp-like hills and twice, we had to leave the bike for crossing a 3-level highway bridge. On the final half-marathon, the runcourse past golf course, beach and hotel facilities which meant, lot of curves and constant background change. I was just perfect, I love challenging race courses.

With my 2nd place in Hawaii and now the victory at the Asia-Pacific Championship, I’ve enough points to take the lead in the WTC (World Triathlon Corporation) worldranking, which makes me very proud. Fourth win on the fourth IRONMAN 70.3 in 2010, what can I say, I’m just so happy with my race. I didn’t had much time to get ready, but I gave my best. Since Hawaii, I was focused a bit more on the swim, which has paid off in this race already.

Thank you TBB for your support in Phuket!  Thank you Coach for the last 3 tough weeks in Krabi! Thanks Azmil for changing my brakepads in the last second!

See you in Switzerland,

Steffen und O’Donnell gewinnen Premiere
Starke Nerven: Steffen gewinnt IM 70.3 Asia
Swiss Triathlon
O’Donnell, Steffen Win Ironman 70.3 Asia-Pacific Champs
O’Donnell, Steffen take Asia-Pacific 70.3