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Review 2010 « Caroline Steffen’s Blog


Review 2010

14 races – 8 wins – world champ ITU LC – 2nd place IM WC Hawaii

Geelong February 2010: I won my first major race and immediately knew these emotions and feelings, I like too feel again. At this time, if someone would told me, whats coming up in the next few months, I probably wouldn’t believe them. 
2010: Step by step, race by race, I could improve myself and got mentally stronger. The trainings splits, with Brett as my coach,  improved almost from week to week, I got  fitter, stronger and faster. Mid year, I get the problem “Nutrition in the race ” under control as well.
You see, not a miracle but hard and disciplined work over 10 months, a process brought me finally to the podium of the Ironman Hawaii.

Photo by Richard Melik

Thank you • Thank you • Thank you

Thank you  to all my sponsers, Your support was gold for me!!!

Thank you … to all my private supporters, You gave me the support how made the travel much easier.

Thank you … Team TBB for all your great work this year and the opportunity which was given too me.

Thank you … Coach Brett, for showing me all I can achieve with good training and smart racing.

Thank you … David, you always believed in me. To hear your voice before the race is worth a mint.

Thank you …to my family, for cheering me on during the race and understanding when I’m back on the road for a little longer. 

Thank you … to all of you who reading my blog and watch our team website :-)

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