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Defense Ironman 70.3 Switzerland « Caroline Steffen’s Blog


Defense Ironman 70.3 Switzerland

Granted, writing blog’s isn’t one of my favorite jobs, and certainly not if I have to write it twice (German / English). But for this time I’ve got almost a perfect excuse for my delay – I didn`t have any internet connection … well almost none. If I had a connection I used the time for other nonsense like Facebook or Hotmail. For example, last Wednesday (3 days after winning the Ironman 70.3 Switzerland) when I was on the road in Zurich for “Internet search”. The result: 3.50.- for 5 minutes parking at the Sihlcity shopping mall, 20.- for coffee at Starbucks, 40.- parking fine at Zürich city, ????.- bill after crashing my car. For my taste, not the a successful afternoon.
… But now, back to the reason for my blog.

Defense Ironman 70.3 Rapperswil

Rapperswil 70.3, the only race in Switzerland my family and best friends come to watch. As if that wasn’t enough reason to feel a llittletense and nervous, the Swiss Television requested to accompany me all day. I thought to myself “You have to go through this and be professional”
After an unfortunate swim start, I found my rhythm got on the bike in third. Just a few kilometers into the race I took the lead. In the first, as in the second loop as well, I pushed the biggest gear, went up the hills very hard and tried to accelerate the speed after every corner because Karin Thürig was breathing down my neck, I had to go to my absolute physical limit to keep my lead from the swim leg. The plan was to start the half marathon on my own so I could run my own speed and control the race.

The emotions at the finishline is hard to describe. I grabbed the winning band once again, I defended my title at my home race and I’m still unbeaten at this distance.

Many thanks to all who cheered me on during the race at Rapperswil!
Best regards from Leysin, Caroline

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