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You need more than only fast legs – IRONMAN European Champion

Thursday, July 28th, 2011

I came into the transition area two and I was quite happy so far with my race. After a good start at the swim (49:16) I was able to realize a new race record on the bike  (4:51:07). Except of a couple of frostbite on my a.. and icicles on my ears, I felt pretty good. Someone called to me: “You have a 16min lead”. Yes great, I thought. It should be enough time to win the race. I grab my FuelBelt and start running. 

What kind of trouble I’ll have the next 42.2km, I could imagine after kilometer 1, when I had to stop the first time to stretch my legs because of very bad cramping. My lower back, ass, hamstring and calf, just cramping. It never happen before.

I ran … stopped … stretched … ran … stopped … stretched … I asked myself: “What the hell I’m doing here?” What should I do?

Brett, he has taught me how I`ve to race Ironman and how I can win an Ironman.  He has taught me how I`ve to handle difficult moments and deal with unforeseen situations. Not everything can go according to plan and desire. He has taught me how to get the best possible result out in every moment and be in control of the race even you getting tired. I can tell you, you need more than only fast legs!!

After 10 km struggling into the marathon, I had to make a decision of pulling out of the race and having a nice hot shower back in the hotel or … taking the pain/cheque/European Champion titel and glory. I’m glad I took option 2 :-)  I never entered the risk of a serious injury it was only a problem of purely muscular tension (freezing weather). I love and need the sun/heat. I didn`t randomly chosen Australia as my second home.

Again I would like to say thank you to all of you how was hold out behind the computer or on the racecourse during heavy wind and rain. Thank you also for all the congratulatory mails and messages on Facebook. I`m slowly working through! Many thanks again to all my sponsors!!! THANK YOU • DANKE  • MERCI

1st place at my first Challenge race

Sunday, July 10th, 2011

I really enjoyed the race at Aarhus. It was fun to run around in the city centre and I also liked the stairs leading up to the arts museum. I alternately took one step with one leg and two with the other one. I stuck to my plan all during the race. I knew that Lucie is a good swimmer, so I stuck to her but was unsure about my placement when coming out of the water. The bike course was technically challenging and varied which is just perfect for me. The run was not too hard, and I felt pretty good all the way and had good acceleration after every turn. It was my first Challenge race and I definitely liked it. The fact that they call it Challenge Family probably just makes it a bit more easy-going and fun.

Thanks to my team TBB mates Dave, Aaron and Dan, was good fun this weekend!!! :-)