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Kacie Jo Photography

Sunday, September 25th, 2011

Last sunday when I crossed the finisline at the 70.3 Syracuse, I wasn`t very happy with my race but I didn`t lost my smile and the world keeps turning. It was a big day already but my job wasn`t finished yet. Photoshoot with my insoles sponsor CurrexSole was on my schedule. 

Not showered and a little tired but thankful to be spend some moments with lovely people, we could make a few great shots. A big thank you to Kacie Marta and Patrick Nickles (Kacie Jo Photography)!!! I love the pictures :-)

Cheers Xena

Short blog 70.3 Syracuse – on the way to Kona

Tuesday, September 20th, 2011
2nd place at the 70.3 Syracuse NY. F### up the race after 10min when our leading group took the wrong turn. Pity!! Had to swim back to take the last buoy, lost few minutes, my fault. Also wearing a thick jacket on the bike isn`t very aerodynamic but keep me warm (10dec) … also the aero helmet was just to keep warm my ears. Happy with the run on a very tough course with 4 very very nasty hills. Over all a little bit disappointed about the lost race but … I tryed my best.
Now, celebrating my birthday @Starbucks with a mocha frappuccino and a big slice of lemoncake :-) … yummy!! 
Tomorrow, I`m on the way to Hawaii … hope it isn`t snowing  on the Big Island!?!? :-0
Cheers from the USA


Misery – slowly – good

Friday, September 9th, 2011

XL Triathlon de Gérardmer

I guess I’ve never started a race so tired like this year at the Gerardmer Triathlon XL France. The training few weeks before (preparation Hawaii) and the 300km training ride from Leysin to Gérardmer, made me feeling tired and sore. But complaining dosn`t helps, I had to do my job, I had to race, I had to defend my title. 1.9km swim, 93km bike with 2000 meters altidude and a 21.7km hilly run was the daily schedule.

Misery – slowly – good
… That was about how I felt on the bike during the 3 bikelaps. I knew even from last year, this bikecourse take a little more time to ride than usual. Several kilometers of steep climb followed by fast technical downhills. I like these selective race courses. After swim- and bike leg I had a comfortable leadership of 7 minutes. At the final hilly 21.7 km run around the “Lac de Gerardmer,” I felt pretty good and my legs surprisingly fresh. The “motor” was on and I finished the race at the 1st place with a new race record.

Congratulations also to my partner David with his second place, behind the ITU world champion of France and also congrats to Aaron for his 4th place. Great weekend for the TBB-Express!!!

Leysin – Gerardmer – Leysin
“Caroline, you can ride your bike to Gérardmer together with Dave Aaron and Stephan” … my coach Brett on monday morning at the pool after the swim session. I didn`t ask or wonder. I knew that was not a question but it is already a fact. Ok, why not I thought. 600km time trial is definitely a good session to get my self ready for Hawaii. The ride turned into be a 20min interval training. Modern – Medium – Mad, depending on who of the guys took over the lead. My only goal was, not to lose the rear wheel of my front man, otherwise I would be totally lost in France. Aaron had the GPS on his bike and took full responsibility for each corner. Sometimes I really asked myself: “Is this little trial realy leading us to Gérardmer?” Without Stephen, Aaron and Dave, I would probably still be somewhere on the road to the south …

Thank you Paul for a other awesome weekend at Gérardmer … inkl. the legendary award ceremony with champagne and “Sauerkraut” :-)

            Cheers Xena