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Short blog 70.3 Syracuse – on the way to Kona « Caroline Steffen’s Blog


Short blog 70.3 Syracuse – on the way to Kona

2nd place at the 70.3 Syracuse NY. F### up the race after 10min when our leading group took the wrong turn. Pity!! Had to swim back to take the last buoy, lost few minutes, my fault. Also wearing a thick jacket on the bike isn`t very aerodynamic but keep me warm (10dec) … also the aero helmet was just to keep warm my ears. Happy with the run on a very tough course with 4 very very nasty hills. Over all a little bit disappointed about the lost race but … I tryed my best.
Now, celebrating my birthday @Starbucks with a mocha frappuccino and a big slice of lemoncake :-) … yummy!! 
Tomorrow, I`m on the way to Hawaii … hope it isn`t snowing  on the Big Island!?!? :-0
Cheers from the USA


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