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Casual saturday

Sunday, November 20th, 2011

Not much to tell if there is not much to do. Coach gave me some time off and I really appreciate it and my body says thank you too. No travel and being away from the world of triathlon for a while is a peaceful life … especially if you live in Mooloolaba QLD Autralia. So, my blog this time is more about to show you and my friends back in Switzerland, how I live in Australia and what I do if I`m not training.

Casual saturday:

5:50am Dave just getting ready for his ride this morning, while I’m still sleepy walking around in my pajamas and try to find the way to my Cafémachine (B`day gift of Dave).  







5:52am Ah, here she is. C-mug ready to go. My first activity every morning pressing the little button with the big mug on it, then the day can start.







6:10am Did some meditative and relaxing home gardening 2 weeks ago. Surprising successful so far. I`m still in my pajamas. Basil, parsley, sage, rosemary and tomatoes :-)

6:30am Beach walk to the Mooloolaba lighthous and back with Ursula and Susi. Susi getting very busy with digging some holes and build a canal …

…while I try to make her having a swim … without any success. 

















7:30am At Mooloolaba Beach Café. A cup of coffee (or two) a day keeps the doctor away.











10.30am Some homework has to be done. Its mango time. I cut them in half and freeze them so I can use it later for some mango smoothies.

It is laundry day, hang up the wash with a beautiful view over the “Glass Hous Mountains”.

















1:00pm Get some Shop done at my favorit store. “Trust Mr. Flannery`s” organic store. So many choice of fresh produce. Get all my ingredients for our daily powershake.









2:45pm Back home. At the top level, it is our unit with the palm tree at the balcony. Our car in front, still working very vell after over 200`000km. No air con … we keep it basic.










3:10pm Like I said, I really appreciate to have some time off. Reading a book is one of this things which I always miss out when I`m in 100% training (just to tired). Again, beautiful view to the “Glass Hous Mountains to my right, and Ocean to my left. 




5:00pm till late Birthday party of Toni Southwall at Mooloolaba river. Congrats – no pictures available ;-)

DNF – I `m sorry for my weak performance

Wednesday, November 9th, 2011

DNF (Did Not Finish) – very unpleasant three letters behind my name in this year’s ranking of the ITU Long Course World Championship in Las Vegas, USA. Actually, I wanted to defend my title from last year, but I missed the strength to finish and to fight for it. 4km swim (was canceled due to cold temperatures), running 120km bike, 30km.

What has happened? Well, now I could enumerate determined 10 different excuses that have led to my failure. The beginning of incredibly cold temperatures of 1 degree on race morning, would go up to stomach problems in the run section. But all these are no reasons for my resignation, because usually I would have overcome all these difficulties, somehow, and get to the finish successfully. But not this time This time was different. This time I got to my mental limite like never before. My legs would have made me running for a other 16km but my head has decided against it. I start to struggle to stay focused, could suddenly no longer deal with the pain, I was too tired for pushing my body gain to the limit. I `m sorry for my weak performance!

Now, I took some days of rest. After I`ll look ahead and plan the new season. In the past two days Dave and I have enjoyed the “other” side of Las Vegas, but today it is time to go back home; which I call Australia.

DNF – ITU Long Course Worldchampionship, Las Vegas

Wednesday, November 9th, 2011
DNF (Did Not Finish) – sehr unerfreuliche drei Buchstaben hinter meinem Namen in der diesjährigen Rangliste der ITU Long Course Worldchampionship in Las Vegas USA. Eigentlich wollte ich meinen Titel vom Vorjahr verteidigen, doch mir fehlte die Kraft mich bis zum Schluss durchzukämpfen. 4km Schwimmen (wurde wegen kalten Temperaturen gestrichen), 120km Rad, 30km laufen.

Was ist passiert? Na ja, jetzt könnte ich bestimmt 10 verschiedene Entschuldigungen aufzählen die zu meinem scheitern geführt haben. Die angefangen, von unglaublich kalten Temperaturen von 1 Grad am Wettkampfmorgen, bis zu Magenproblemen im Laufabschnitt gehen würde. Doch das alles sind keine Gründe für mein Ausscheiden, denn im Normalfall hätte ich all diese Schwierigkeiten irgendwie gemeistert, mich durchgebissen und das Ziel erfolgreich erreicht. Aber nicht dieses Mal. Dieses Mal war anders. Dieses mal bin ich für einmal an meine mentale Grenze gestossen. Meine Beine hätten mich wohl auch noch die letzten 14km bis ins Ziel getragen, doch mein Kopf hat sich dagegen entschlossen. Ich bekam Probleme konzentriert zu bleiben, konnte plötzlich mit den Schmerzen nicht mehr umgehen, ich war zu müde um meinen Körper an die Grenze zu pushen. I`m sorry for my weak performance!
Nun heisst es erst einmal ausruhen, analysieren und dann nach vorne schauen und die neue Saison planen. In den letzten 2 Tagen haben Dave und ich noch etwas das “andere” Leben von Las Vegas genossen doch schon heute Abend geht es zurück nach Australien.