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Casual saturday « Caroline Steffen’s Blog


Casual saturday

Not much to tell if there is not much to do. Coach gave me some time off and I really appreciate it and my body says thank you too. No travel and being away from the world of triathlon for a while is a peaceful life … especially if you live in Mooloolaba QLD Autralia. So, my blog this time is more about to show you and my friends back in Switzerland, how I live in Australia and what I do if I`m not training.

Casual saturday:

5:50am Dave just getting ready for his ride this morning, while I’m still sleepy walking around in my pajamas and try to find the way to my Cafémachine (B`day gift of Dave).  







5:52am Ah, here she is. C-mug ready to go. My first activity every morning pressing the little button with the big mug on it, then the day can start.







6:10am Did some meditative and relaxing home gardening 2 weeks ago. Surprising successful so far. I`m still in my pajamas. Basil, parsley, sage, rosemary and tomatoes :-)

6:30am Beach walk to the Mooloolaba lighthous and back with Ursula and Susi. Susi getting very busy with digging some holes and build a canal …

…while I try to make her having a swim … without any success. 

















7:30am At Mooloolaba Beach Café. A cup of coffee (or two) a day keeps the doctor away.











10.30am Some homework has to be done. Its mango time. I cut them in half and freeze them so I can use it later for some mango smoothies.

It is laundry day, hang up the wash with a beautiful view over the “Glass Hous Mountains”.

















1:00pm Get some Shop done at my favorit store. “Trust Mr. Flannery`s” organic store. So many choice of fresh produce. Get all my ingredients for our daily powershake.









2:45pm Back home. At the top level, it is our unit with the palm tree at the balcony. Our car in front, still working very vell after over 200`000km. No air con … we keep it basic.










3:10pm Like I said, I really appreciate to have some time off. Reading a book is one of this things which I always miss out when I`m in 100% training (just to tired). Again, beautiful view to the “Glass Hous Mountains to my right, and Ocean to my left. 




5:00pm till late Birthday party of Toni Southwall at Mooloolaba river. Congrats – no pictures available ;-)

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