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Passed test with another win

Friday, September 28th, 2012

ITU LD Triathlon – Weihai/China

Like 2010, Brett thought its smart to travel to Kona with a little stop-over in China to participate at the Asian Championships and ITU LD Triathlon World Series in Weihai. The race itselfs was well organized and with a little change on the bike course even more challenging then the years before. Several steep and long hills on the bike separated the field pretty quick as the 4 loop run cours wasn`t easy as well. I love challenging racecourses, so that suit me perfect.
Behind Camilla out of the water I took the lead on the bike and enlarge my lead in the run to a 13min-lead win. It was good to have an other little “test”. With another win and a enough confidence in my pocket, I cross over to the Big Island. Very happy !!!
Also congrats to my team mate Farlow for his fantastic 3rd place. Enjoy your time back in Australia with your family.

Steffen gewinnt Langdistanz Triathlon in China

23.09.2012 von Reinhard Standke
Wie vor zwei Jahren gewann die aktuelle Triathlon Langdistanzweltmeisterin Caroline Steffen den ITU Langdistanz Triathlon in Weihai (China). Steffen lag im Schwimmen knapp hinter der nachmaligen zweiten Camilla Pedersen (Dä), und dominierte danach sowohl den Radabschnitt (9 Minuten Vorsprung) als auch das Laufen, in dem sie den Vorsprung auf insgesamt rund 13 Minuten vergrösserte.

Weihai (China). ITU Langdistanz Triathlon. 3 km Schwimmen, 80 km Radfahren, 20 km Laufen.
1. Nikolay Yaroshenko (Russ) 4:12:07.
2. Jens Toft (Dä) 0:25 Minuten zurück.
3. Aaron Farlow (Au) 8:30.
1. Caroline Steffen (Sz) 4:31:34.
2. Camilla Pedersen (Dä) 12:56.
3. Ewa Bugdol (Pol) 15:40.

Car-check with Caroline Steffen – the Iron-lady likes the retro-cars

Saturday, September 22nd, 2012

The Triathlon World Champion and multiple Ironman winner is driving the car and the bike about the same – 16 000 km per year

Die Triathlon-Weltmeisterin und mehrfache Ironman-Gewinnerin fährt mit dem Auto und dem Velo etwa gleichviel – nämlich 16 000 Kilometer pro Jahr!


My first car …
was an Opel Corsa 1.2L in dark blue.

I drive the car …
maybe 16 000 kilometers per year – about the same as with the bike. The car I need to visit my family in Spiez.

In the glove compartment of my car you can find…
a few maps, CDs and a set of plastic cutlery.

The most important thing on my car is …
the navigation device and the coffee cup holder.

My favorite car color is …
blue as my first car.

My dream car is …
an old-or classic cars from the 1970s or 1980s.

I brake for …
anything that does not belong on the street.

Most swearword in the car is …
“Gopfridstutz”, accompanied by a big hit with my fist on the steering wheel.

My most embarrassing experience with the car …
I parked my car (automatic) but forgot to place the shift on “P”. When I returned from the bakery, the car was in the middle of the street.

Radwechseln would be for me …
an absolute nightmare.

An erotic experience in the car …
too good to share.

I love my car …
because for me it means independence and I can sing as loud as I like and no one hears me.

Mein erstes Auto…
war ein Opel Corsa 1.2L in Dunkelblau.

Ich fahre mit dem Auto…
rund 16 000 Kilometer pro Jahr – etwa gleichviel wie mit dem Fahrrad. Das Auto brauche ich, um zwischendurch mal meine Eltern in Spiez zu besuchen.

Im Handschuhfach meines Autos befinden sich…
ein paar Landkarten, CDs und ein Set Plastikbesteck.

Das Wichtigste am Auto ist…
das Navigationsgerät und der Kaffeebecherhalter.

Meine Autolieblingsfarbe ist…
blau wie mein erstes Auto.

Mein Traumwagen ist…
ein Old- oder Youngtimer aus den 1970er oder 1980er Jahren.

Ich bremse für…
alles, was nicht auf die Strasse gehört.

Häufigstes Schimpfwort am Lenkrad…
ist «Gopfridstutz», begleitet von einem kräftigen Fausthieb aufs Lenkrad.

Mein peinlichstes Erlebnis mit dem Auto…
war, als ich das Auto (ein Automat) beim Parkieren nicht auf «P» gestellt habe. Als ich aus der Bäckerei zurückkam, stand das Auto mitten auf der Strasse.

Radwechseln wäre für mich…
ein absoluter Alptraum.

Ein erotisches Erlebnis im Auto…
zu schön, um zu teilen.

Ich liebe mein Auto…
weil es für mich Unabhängigkeit bedeutet und ich darin lautstark singen kann, ohne dass mich jemand hört.


Interview with Oakley

Wednesday, September 12th, 2012

Caroline Steffen was born in Spiez and began her early competitive career as a swimmer. She enjoyed success as a swimmer competing on the Swiss junior and senior national teams and winning multiple national titles. In 2002, Steffen underwent shoulder surgery and would eventually retire from competitive swimming afterwards.
After taking some time off Steffen competed in a two-day Swiss multisport competition, the Gigathlon, which reignited her desire to compete and train again. In 2006, after having completed a few Olympic distance triathlons she entered and placed second in her age group at Ironman Switzerland, posting a sub-10 hour time. She went on to compete at the 2006 Ironman World Championships in Hawai’i where she posted another sub-10 hour time and placed third in her age group as an amateur.
Steffen moved to Australia and eventually quit her job to focus on triathlon training in Mooloolaba on the Sunshine Coast. Steffen began enjoying successes at the 70.3 and Ironman distances which caused her to gain the attention of coach Brett Sutton who eventually invited her to join team TBB and earning the nickname “Xena the Warrior Princess” or simply “Xena.”
In 2009, Steffen took fourth place the Ironman 70.3 World Championships in Clearwater, Florida. A few months later she won her first major race, the Ironman 70.3 in Geelong in February 2010. She highlighted 2010 with a win at the ITU Long Distance Triathlon World Championships and a second place at the Ironman World Championships.

Q & A
Grueling (some severe climbs on the bikecourse) it may be, but for Caroline Steffen (SUI) she once again demonstrated pure class to lead from start to finish. Steffen has been on quite a winning streak this year, getting faster and stronger with each race.
When did you first start training in life? Where and why?

When: I was 12, swam once a week with my swim squad. Where: in Spiez (Switzerland). Why: I was allowed to leave the school 15min earlier to catch the bus – reason enough to start my swim career.

One sport wasn’t enough? What got your into the multi-sport arena?
It was a two days adventure race in 2005 which brought me closer to the triathlon, specifically to the long distance.

When did you turn pro?
It was 2009 after crossing the finish line at the Ironman Port Macquarie. My partner David gave me a hug and said: “ you have the potential to be a PRO”.

What are the events, wins, memories that stand out most throughout your career so far?
It was my 2nd place at the Ironman World Championships in Hawaii 2010 – It felt like I won the race.

What is your best discipline and why?
The bike. I have a 2 year background as a professional cyclist (Cervelo)

If you had a discipline that needed work, which would it be and why?
Transition 2 – still can’t figure out why, but I always lose so much time jumping from my bike into my On running shoes.

Preferred race day outfit …
Our Team TBB 2XU two piece race kit

If there is one thing that people in the industry would recognize you by, what would that be?
My courageous action/mission every race and my pink Oakley sunnies

Who was your inspiration growing up?
Michael Gross (ex German swimmer)

What has driven you to work super hard and rise up beyond mediocrity?
I learned quickly, hard work is rewarded with success and unique emotions.

Are you a rebel? Why or why not?
I`m a rebel and I don’t have a cause.

What is your favorite course?
I love Hawaii/Kona. It’s the biggest race of the year and everyone is there to race hard.

What is the venue that you purely dread and why?
Caverns, narrow passages, dark indoor pools

Finish this sentence: “Oakley is __________”
… my best training buddy every single day.

If you weren’t killing it in the tri scene, what would you be doing for a living?
I would have my own Beach Coffee or Swiss Bakery at the Sunshine Coast, Australia.

What is a hidden talent you have other than your sport?
My big talent is being late and moving things which I don’t like to do, to the next day. I`m good with numbers/math or creative things.

What is the best song to practice to?
I`m a big fan of Rammstein. Especially in tough sessions, their songs give me a kind of aggressiveness.

If you had to share a hotel room/apartment with one Oakley athlete, who would it NOT be and why?
Oh that’s Cadel Evans – he would not get a second of sleep during all my questioning. I`m a big road cycling fan!!!

Tell me a funny story about another Oakley athlete…(We’ll never tell)
At Cran Ganaria I pass Fabian Cancellara every day on my bike and get so excited every time. I don’t even have the guts to say hello. I’ll try it the next day again … and again … and again.

People would be super surprised if they knew that you…
How addicted I am to café and chocolate.

Perfect date…
At the beach with a “Mooloolaba-Magic” in my hand.

Celebrity look-alike:
Xena Warrior Princess

Celebrity crush:
Heath Ledger

Your favorite…
Food: Italian Food
Vacation Spot: Four Seasons, Koh Samui
Airline: Swiss
Candy: Everything made out of chocolate
Sport (Besides your own): Road Cyclingl
Holiday: Christmas: its off season, a lot of yummy food and you get some gifts
Music Genre: Electro
Movie: The Perfume
Animal: Cat

Any last words??
Even if it’s hard, never forget to enjoy the moment and be aware not everybody has the privilege to do sport.

IRONMAN TV Show – Episode 5 – IRONMAN European Championship

Wednesday, September 5th, 2012

Check out and enjoy :-)

YouTube Preview Image