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Ironman Hawaii – I needed some time to get used to the “2″ « Caroline Steffen’s Blog


Ironman Hawaii – I needed some time to get used to the “2″

The preparation for the 2012 World Championships in Hawaii was completed, everything went according to plan A and my head was set to win. I had this inner conviction, “I can do this, that’s my day, I can win and realize my dream today.”
The swim leg was as planned. I swam in a group of 6, without wasting too much energy I followed the feet in front of me. Everything fit. Quick T1 and catched the top group of 5 women and without much effort. Everything fit. But then something unexpected crossed my plans. A race marshall on the motorbike was showing me the red card (4 minute penalty). Hmm, I must have missed something, why did I get a red card? Maybe because I overtook a PRO male? Discuss is useless in a situation like this, I`ll not risk disqualification.

So now I sat for 4 minutes in the penalty tent … in my day where I wanted to fulfill a dream. Nightmare? I use the 4 minutes to… 1st: throw all swear words which I knew in english to the poor buggers head in the tent and … 2nd: get focused again. I knew I`ve to catch the lead group before the turnaround point. With a lot of effort (more then planned I got back to the lead. MB and myself determined the pace till T2. Everything to plan again. I ran controlled the first few km of the marathon, made sure to take in enough calories and fluids, smart racing. Everything to plan. I was in the lead but the competition pushed me from behind and got closer. With the usual ups and downs in the marathon I did cope well too.

Energy Lab, the hardest part of the whole race, I did well and started the last 10km stretch on the Queen K. I was still at 1st position but my lead melted. Leanda approached 10sek each km to me… and overtook me with 3km to go. “Stay focused” I’ve said again, the race is not over yet, I can still do it. I crossed the line 65 seconds after the champ Leanda.
I felt a chaos of emotions. I was happy with 2nd and at the same time a bit disappointed. I`ve given everything of sure but it just wasn`t enough. Mind and body were set 100% determined to win, I needed some time to get used to the “2″.

A week later, back at home, I can now look at the whole race from a different perspective and be happy. I`ve received so many nice email, including from people who thanked for an exciting race or from a mother who sees me a role model for her own daughters. Such text of my fans just show me once again, in the sports they are involved so much more than rankings and times!Congratulations also to David for 9th and MB for 5th place. 3x top ten for Team TBB. Great job!!

Thanks to my coach Brett for his dedication and commitment in TBB. Thanks also to all my sponsors, without you I wouldn`t be able to spend such a great livetime in sport.

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