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Alaska Team TBB Philippines Scholar – part2

Thursday, November 29th, 2012

Catching up with our team TBB Philippines scholar Dhill and Marc today.

1- Whats changed most in your life since you train with ALASKA Milk Team TBB Philippines?

Dhill Anderson Lee: Outlook in Life, Perspective, much more independent.
Marc Altura: There’s definitely more organization in training, and its more specific. The load has increased as well, but not to a point where my studies are affected.

2- How is it to work together with coach Matt?

Dhill: Great, Coach Matt doesn’t only teach us things about triathlon but also and most importantly, the Life lessons through triathlon. He’s there always to tell and guide us to the Straightest and Simplest path.
Marc: Coach Mat’s a great coach, he’ll be quick to call you out if you’re doing something wrong like if you’re swim stroke’s incorrect, or you’re running funny, and I believe that is very helpful. He’s also very knowledgable and is a great cook!

3- What’s your strengths, what’s your weakness?

Dhill: Swimming, Bike skills(working on it)=)
Marc: I’d say running my strength, but I really need to improve it some more. Cycling and swimming are both weaknesses, but I’m willing to do the work to make them strengths!

4- What impressed you most this year?

Dhill: The Whole triathlon thing, the atmosphere in races are definitely different than in swimming, plus Seeing the process and improving.
Marc: What’s impressed me most this year would be the Century Tuna 5i50, and Cobra Energy Drink Ironman 70.3 Philipppines. Sunrise Events really knows how to put on a show, and Mr. Bok’s expos were really cool as well!

5- Your funniest race experience this year?

Dhill: The 5150, learned how to bike a week before,plus in my thoughts i was kinda laughing at myself coz i believe i was the only one wearing rubbershoes on the bike leg my ON Running shoes.=)
Marc: Funniest race experience had to be in racing in Laiya, as soon I ran in to hit the water, I dove in head-on, and some wave completely knocked me down and stopped me in my tracks. I remember having to swim breaststroke just to go through the waves.

Results Dhill:
- 9th Overall White Rock (2nd AG) 5h13
- 3rd AG 5i50 (first triathlon)

Results: Marc:
- 3rd Overall Layia Sprint Tri
- 3rd Overall SCTEX Sprint Duathlon
- 3rd AG Rudy Project Challenge

Opinion of coach Mathieu O`Halloran:
Dhill, our top swimmer has made tremendous gains in the last 6 months. His swimming over long distances has also improved and transferred well into group open water situations. His attitude is remarkable – ready to learn and to work hard. His biggest weakness is bike skills. As he literally learn to bike this past June.
Marc, has tremendous physical potential. Very intelligent scholar with a remarkable memory for what tickles his interest. He has some mental obstacles to overcome, He`s prone to over-think and over do certain actions. Our only athlete on the Philippines National Team. He is in fact, very preoccupied with his last year of high school. The one of the most important years of modern life!

Alaska TeamTBB Philippines Scholar – part1

Friday, November 23rd, 2012

Alaska TeamTBB Scholar is a project which startet last April with 5 local filipino kids. In the meantime they spread in around 30 races and got 21 podiums in only 6 months. Coached by Mathieu O’Halloran, inspired by big boss Brett and team mates David Dellow, Ali Fitch and myself. In the next few weeks I like to introduce every single one to you.

Today, I`ll start with the sibling Torres. Nena (cute and bubbly) and Martin (the most shy of our scholar athletes).

1- Whats changed most in your life since you train with ALASKA Milk Team TBB Philippines?
Nena Torres: Since I trained with the Alaska Milk TeamTBB Philippines, i always became so motivated and inspired because it is a one in a million opportunity to be part of a team like this. There was more pressure but it gave me the urge to train harder and harder each day.
Martin Torres: Since I started training with Alaska Team TBB,My schedules have changed and I even have school,so its a never ending workout.

2- How is it to work together with coach Matt?
Nena: Coach Matt is great. He gives us advices about what to do in a certain situation or training. He motivates us and teaches us new things in our training. He gives us amazing workouts that really makes us faster and stronger.
Martin: Training under Coach Matt is cool,he is a very good coach.He listens to what we have in mind.

3- What’s your strengths, what’s your weakness?
Nena: My strength is the swim leg because i have gotten used to it since my younger years. My weakness is the run but i am getting stronger on it.
Martin: My strength is my swimming and my arms too. My weakness is actually my endurance,I seem to have a tough time with it.

4- What impressed you most this year?
Nena: I got really impressed by my swim. Because even though i don’t swim everyday, i still beat my best times in my swim meets.
Martin: What impressed the most is training with the Team TBB Pros and meeting Coach Brett and Sir Alex and also Coach Matt.

5- Your funniest race experience this year?
Nena: My funniest race was the race in Davao, it was a sprint triathlon and it was in the run part that i was nearing the finish line and a band riding in a truck was following me and the band was singing a song to motivate me, instead of being tired, i had lots of fun running.
Martin: My funniest race experience was during my race here in Cagayan de Oro,it was during The NAGT.I was in my bike leg already and there was a traffic aid car crossing the road without knowing that there were triathletes passing by and it almost hit me and it almost made a traffic jam.

Results Nena:
- 2nd Overall CDO Sprint
- 1st Overall Davao Sprint

Results Martin:
- 2nd AG 5i50
- 5th Overall Davao Sprint Tri
- 3rd AG CDO Sprint Tri

Coach Matt:
Nena: Should be steered towards long distance racing. With the mind-set of Olympic distance training ;) She has shown improvement particularly in her run recently.
Martin: His swim abilities have Olympic potential. His stocky body allows his to maintain good form under pressure. Can be very strong athlete short/course! Has a tendency to under perform the swim in triathlon. Versus the swim times I saw him do in the pool in May.

Team TBB Phip at Noosa Tri

Tuesday, November 13th, 2012


YouTube Preview Image


This was another absolutely unique raceday at the Noosa Triathlon Festival. My 3th start at one of the biggest tri shortcourse events in the world.
Unfortunately we had some rain this year which means there was a little crash-festival going on, on the technically demanding bike course. Out of the water in 5th position I made my way true the field and took the lead after the turn around, with 20km to go, Liz Blatchford and myself worked hard and made a 90seconds gap to the other girls. Neck to neck, we start running together. Oh honest, it was great fun to run with someone for once and not getting droped after couple of seconds. After 6km strong runner Ashleigh Gentle fly by us and 2km later the same did Ryan Fisher. I finished the race in a good 4th place with a personal best on this course.

Thanks everyone for cheering even the weather was miserable!!!


1. Peter Kerr (AUS) 1:46:35
2. Ryan Fisher (AUS) 1:46:51
3. Taylor Cecil (AUS) 1:47:25
4. Courtney Atkinson (AUS) 1:47:39
5. Kris Gemmell (NZL) 1:48:03

1. Ashleigh Gentle (AUS) 1:58:57
2. Felicity Sheedy-Ryan (AUS) 2:00:24
3. Liz Blatchford (GBR) 2:00:41
4. Caroline Steffen (SUI) 2:01:05
5. Nicky Samuels (NZL) 2:02:14

Noosa Tri Multi Sport Festival

Thursday, November 1st, 2012

Exciting weekend coming up, one of my favourit race of the year and a perfect spot to finishing up a great year. Noosa Tri Multi Sport Festival is more then just triathlon. It is the perfect 4day event with a mix of swim-, bike-, run and triathlon, fun races and high lever racing with big names on startline. After my surprising win in 2010, I`m looking forward to test myself in compare to the best short course girls in the world.

I`ll also do some Q&A friday AM and autograph signing saturday AM:

- Friday 10.00AM – WITSUP Noosa brunch (only 30 tickets available!)
- Saturday 11.30AM – 2XU signing at the Sheraton Hotel, Ballroom
- Saturday 1.30PM - On-Running signing at the Sheraton Hotel, Ballroom