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Alaska TeamTBB Philippines Scholar – part1 « Caroline Steffen’s Blog


Alaska TeamTBB Philippines Scholar – part1

Alaska TeamTBB Scholar is a project which startet last April with 5 local filipino kids. In the meantime they spread in around 30 races and got 21 podiums in only 6 months. Coached by Mathieu O’Halloran, inspired by big boss Brett and team mates David Dellow, Ali Fitch and myself. In the next few weeks I like to introduce every single one to you.

Today, I`ll start with the sibling Torres. Nena (cute and bubbly) and Martin (the most shy of our scholar athletes).

1- Whats changed most in your life since you train with ALASKA Milk Team TBB Philippines?
Nena Torres: Since I trained with the Alaska Milk TeamTBB Philippines, i always became so motivated and inspired because it is a one in a million opportunity to be part of a team like this. There was more pressure but it gave me the urge to train harder and harder each day.
Martin Torres: Since I started training with Alaska Team TBB,My schedules have changed and I even have school,so its a never ending workout.

2- How is it to work together with coach Matt?
Nena: Coach Matt is great. He gives us advices about what to do in a certain situation or training. He motivates us and teaches us new things in our training. He gives us amazing workouts that really makes us faster and stronger.
Martin: Training under Coach Matt is cool,he is a very good coach.He listens to what we have in mind.

3- What’s your strengths, what’s your weakness?
Nena: My strength is the swim leg because i have gotten used to it since my younger years. My weakness is the run but i am getting stronger on it.
Martin: My strength is my swimming and my arms too. My weakness is actually my endurance,I seem to have a tough time with it.

4- What impressed you most this year?
Nena: I got really impressed by my swim. Because even though i don’t swim everyday, i still beat my best times in my swim meets.
Martin: What impressed the most is training with the Team TBB Pros and meeting Coach Brett and Sir Alex and also Coach Matt.

5- Your funniest race experience this year?
Nena: My funniest race was the race in Davao, it was a sprint triathlon and it was in the run part that i was nearing the finish line and a band riding in a truck was following me and the band was singing a song to motivate me, instead of being tired, i had lots of fun running.
Martin: My funniest race experience was during my race here in Cagayan de Oro,it was during The NAGT.I was in my bike leg already and there was a traffic aid car crossing the road without knowing that there were triathletes passing by and it almost hit me and it almost made a traffic jam.

Results Nena:
- 2nd Overall CDO Sprint
- 1st Overall Davao Sprint

Results Martin:
- 2nd AG 5i50
- 5th Overall Davao Sprint Tri
- 3rd AG CDO Sprint Tri

Coach Matt:
Nena: Should be steered towards long distance racing. With the mind-set of Olympic distance training ;) She has shown improvement particularly in her run recently.
Martin: His swim abilities have Olympic potential. His stocky body allows his to maintain good form under pressure. Can be very strong athlete short/course! Has a tendency to under perform the swim in triathlon. Versus the swim times I saw him do in the pool in May.

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