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Alaska Team TBB Philippines Scholar – part2 « Caroline Steffen’s Blog


Alaska Team TBB Philippines Scholar – part2

Catching up with our team TBB Philippines scholar Dhill and Marc today.

1- Whats changed most in your life since you train with ALASKA Milk Team TBB Philippines?

Dhill Anderson Lee: Outlook in Life, Perspective, much more independent.
Marc Altura: There’s definitely more organization in training, and its more specific. The load has increased as well, but not to a point where my studies are affected.

2- How is it to work together with coach Matt?

Dhill: Great, Coach Matt doesn’t only teach us things about triathlon but also and most importantly, the Life lessons through triathlon. He’s there always to tell and guide us to the Straightest and Simplest path.
Marc: Coach Mat’s a great coach, he’ll be quick to call you out if you’re doing something wrong like if you’re swim stroke’s incorrect, or you’re running funny, and I believe that is very helpful. He’s also very knowledgable and is a great cook!

3- What’s your strengths, what’s your weakness?

Dhill: Swimming, Bike skills(working on it)=)
Marc: I’d say running my strength, but I really need to improve it some more. Cycling and swimming are both weaknesses, but I’m willing to do the work to make them strengths!

4- What impressed you most this year?

Dhill: The Whole triathlon thing, the atmosphere in races are definitely different than in swimming, plus Seeing the process and improving.
Marc: What’s impressed me most this year would be the Century Tuna 5i50, and Cobra Energy Drink Ironman 70.3 Philipppines. Sunrise Events really knows how to put on a show, and Mr. Bok’s expos were really cool as well!

5- Your funniest race experience this year?

Dhill: The 5150, learned how to bike a week before,plus in my thoughts i was kinda laughing at myself coz i believe i was the only one wearing rubbershoes on the bike leg my ON Running shoes.=)
Marc: Funniest race experience had to be in racing in Laiya, as soon I ran in to hit the water, I dove in head-on, and some wave completely knocked me down and stopped me in my tracks. I remember having to swim breaststroke just to go through the waves.

Results Dhill:
- 9th Overall White Rock (2nd AG) 5h13
- 3rd AG 5i50 (first triathlon)

Results: Marc:
- 3rd Overall Layia Sprint Tri
- 3rd Overall SCTEX Sprint Duathlon
- 3rd AG Rudy Project Challenge

Opinion of coach Mathieu O`Halloran:
Dhill, our top swimmer has made tremendous gains in the last 6 months. His swimming over long distances has also improved and transferred well into group open water situations. His attitude is remarkable – ready to learn and to work hard. His biggest weakness is bike skills. As he literally learn to bike this past June.
Marc, has tremendous physical potential. Very intelligent scholar with a remarkable memory for what tickles his interest. He has some mental obstacles to overcome, He`s prone to over-think and over do certain actions. Our only athlete on the Philippines National Team. He is in fact, very preoccupied with his last year of high school. The one of the most important years of modern life!

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