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Training in Thailand. « Stephen Bayliss's Blog


Training in Thailand.


Blimey! This picture is massive! I don’t know how to make it smaller! But anyway it is a completely irrelevent picture of Bella and I. I am in a kilt and I know that some people find it amusing so I thought I’d give them a laugh! Bella looks beautiful as usual though;)

I am going to use this blog to keep you up to date on my progress as I train and travel around the world, trying to be the best athlete I can be!

It may be that this Blog is of most interest to my parents, who I must email more, sorry mum and dad!

A bit more on being the best athlete I can be. Since starting triathlon again, after a few years break to pursue cycling ambitions, I have made steady but marked improvements in swim, bike and run performance, I do not intend to stop, and I see no reason why I should stop making improvements. Some people seem to like to put limits on performance, I put no limits on myself, I plan to keep on improving.

I have been training the last few months with my Team TBB team mates in Thailand, we have all put in some really solid work and we are looking forward to some great races coming up.

Team TBB has 1 very big aim, which I am a very small part of, that is to help some very underpriviledge children here in ASIA, even by logging on to our website and having a look around will in a small way help us to achieve this aim.

So thank you for reading

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