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3 months in Thailand « Stephen Bayliss's Blog


3 months in Thailand


5 more days left in Thailand, what a fantastic 3 months Bella and I have had here. Starting with 6 weeks in the Boat Lagoon in Phuket; It was like 2 “big brother” houses, all 15 athletes sharing 2 houses, it was great, we all got to know each other very well!

Then the 2nd half of our stay in Thailand was here at Bor Saen villa, this place is like a tranquil paradise, to be able to finish a days training and slip into our private pool, then sleep in a beautiful 4 poster bed!!

Wow we have had quite time here in Thailand!

There have been a few races, we all had different experiences, most did great some not as well as hoped!

I managed a 6th place at IM Malaysia which was fine, but I am for sure looking for better, then my first Olympic distance race(ITU Points race in the Mekong river) was a disaster I had a big crash in the first 3km and it ruined my race, oh well we had a great after race party;)

From here Bella and I travel to Florida for the inaugural 101 race in Bradenton Florida, I feel good for this race, I will give it my best, you can see coverage on www.insidetri.com .

After this we have 3 weeks to train and get ready for Ironman Brazil, then we travel back to Europe for the European season.

We are so lucky to be able to travel to all these places and do these amazing races and stay in beautiful places like here in Thailand. It just gives me more motivation to train hard, a sort of guilt that feels better if I really train really hard!! That way I feel as though I have deserved these luxuries a least a little!!

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Thanks for reading and keeping up with my progress.


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