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5th Ironman Brazil « Stephen Bayliss's Blog


5th Ironman Brazil

Just got back to the hotel after the race.

It went Ok, Í swam well, I led for about 400m then Carvalho took over and it was easy on his feet so I sat there the whole way, we had 1min on the next group at the end.

Carvalho and I rode kind of steady for 40km till Renaldo, Sturla and Beastie cought us, they were riding really hard though, but I sat there, towards the end of the first 90km, my legs were going, then they really went, I lost all my strength and it took me another 40km of very slow riding to get some sort of strength back. I then rode the best I could but paced it a bit to get ready for the run. I think I rode about 2:15 for the first 90km then 2:39 for the 2nd 90km! I really blew myself up. I definately had some pacing issues here on the bike today:)

I ran ok, I tried to hit 4min km pace and ended with a 2:53 which is my fastest marathon time but I´m not over the moon with it. I think I rode much to hard early on, and it affected my race quite alot. I was happy enough to be able to run ok after the bike, but I´´m looking for much better. I had the fastest run time of the day which is great.

Anyway onwards and upwards.

Bella did amazing, 3rd place in 9hrs 20min is great, she wasn´t happy with her swim but had a good race all round, I am as always very proud.

Renaldo was very smart as always and took away a great 2nd place to the very impressive Oscar Galindez.

Hillary did her best as always, I know not one of her best races, but good job Hillary as always hanging tough.

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