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4th at Ironman UK 70.3 « Stephen Bayliss's Blog


4th at Ironman UK 70.3

The race started at 6am with a swim in the Wimbleball lake, it was a very pleasent temperature. I started well and sat in 2nd position, I wasn’t feeling great but I was bashing my arms over and staying behind the guy in front, all was going ok till I hit the last turn bouy, which was covered in netting and I got my arm caught, this was the end of me sitting behind 1st place and so moved over to sit behind the 2 swimmers who were behind me. I got out of the swim in 3rd.

The run to transition was straight up a steep bank for aout 600m, very hard work, and I didn’t feel very strong.

On to the bike and I was still not feeling very strong, so I rode the best I could but was all on my own in 3rd position, I started to feel a little stronger after about 40km, but I ended up with having a poor bike ride and being 9mins down on the 2 guys in the lead and 4 mins behind 3rd.

By the end of the bike though I was feeling much stronger and whizzed through transition and started out to run the best I could. Running out of transition was when I heard the time gaps, which weren’t very encouraging, but I decided to give it my best to try to catch at least 1 of them. Throught the 13.1mile run I was taking time out of all 3 up ahead, but in the end I just couldn’t quite catch any of them, I was 2min 58secs behind 1st 1min 18sec behind 2nd and 54sec behind 3rd.

I found myself very frustrated, but I did the best I could on this day. I ran well with the fastest run split, but 4th is really not what I am wanting.

Anyway onto the European Long Distance Championships this coming Sunday.

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