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What I was doing 6years ago.

Tuesday, September 11th, 2007

I thought I would post a blog today because I was reminded of what I was doing 6years ago, I was working as a bank clerk in Kingston, Surrey, UK(this was the biggest endurance test of my life, working fulltime in a job I pretty much hated and surrounded by people I had nothing in common with, well my next job as a call centre operative for a DIY store was possibly tougher!).

I was training in any spare time I had and dreaming of winning races and being a fulltime triathlete.

Now I’ll be honest, I was a long way from winning any money in any races, maybe the odd 10th place every now and then in a bigger race or a gift voucher for winning a local race.

So to now be a proffesional triathlete actually earning enough money to live on, and working towards achieving goals I have only dreamt of, which are now becoming realistic! Well that is a dream for me and to be doing this with Bella. Well live doesn’t actually get much better than that!

3rd at Singapore 70.3

Sunday, September 2nd, 2007

So this time I had a good swim. I was leading at the first turn bouy, which is always a good sign, I then sat on Reinaldos feet and annoyed him alot for the rest of the swim, sorry buddy:)

Onto the bike and I just wasn’t going anywhere, i felt a bit better on the bike towrads the end of the ride, but in total the bike ride was a bit crap!

Then onto the run and I was atleast 6mins down on the 4 guys ahead off me, so I thought I would have to run pretty good to just hold onto 5th and get some money.

I did what the boss said and enjoyed my run in the sun:) I went under the humidity for the first lap then tried to push a bit harder, with about 6km to go I could see 4th place, which gave me a boost, I went straight past him. Coming into the stadium with 1500m to go I thought I had 4th and was fairly pleased, but I heard that AJ wasn’t far ahead so I kep pushing, then I could see AJ, so I gave it all I had and just pipped AJ who I believe was seeing stars due to the heat.

So I cam in 3rd place overall. Not bad and a really great day all round for Team TBB with 1st and 3rd in both Mens and Womens races!

Now on to Bor Saen for 2months traing up to IM Florida.