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The monkey man of Leysin! « Stephen Bayliss's Blog


The monkey man of Leysin!

Since my last race of 2007 I have been concentrating mainly on growing my hair. Not just head hair but all over body hair, so everywhere from face to bum!

It has not caused to much distress to the general public as we have been in Leysin, Switzerland most of the time and I am wrapped up warm and so my bodily hair has been kept away from the general public. Unfortunately along with Bella, AJ, Lisbeth and Little Astrid they have had the tromour of seeing the hairy monkey man of Leysin when swimming with me in the mornings, so I must appologise for this.

Anyway Bella had finally had enough of living with a monkey man and so yesterday I was atacked with the hair clippers and rasors. I have survived to tell the tale and am now as smooth as a stubbly bum crack:(

Oh I was much faster in the pool this morning though, I must have been losing about 5sec per 100m with all that drag.

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