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Who’d have thought it!! « Stephen Bayliss's Blog


Who’d have thought it!!

Last Sunday 20th Jan, I asked Bella to marry me!
It was a very special moment that I know I will remember forever.
Quite a few people have asked how I proposed. So here’s how it went. Now I have made a few light hearted remarks about this on the forum, but honestly it really was, actually supringsingly, a very nervous moment. I asked Bella to join me on our Balcony and asked her to marry me. She said yes! Well why wouldn’t she? For me it was as romantic as I get:) I don’t want to get to slushy as I am a big(well skinny(infact I noticed today, on TV, that my legs most resemble an Ostrich legs!)) macho man, yeah right:) . I know and apparently Bella agrees, that we are meant to be together, that we are both so happy together and want to spend the rest of our lives together. I think Bella is just so special…… anyway that’s enough of the slushy stuff!

I really wanted to propose to Bella in Leysin in our own little apartment, because Leysin in a very short time has become such an important place in both our lives, it is such a beautiful and perfect place, anytime of the year.

We have had a great 6weeks training here from just before christmas. We have had family here over christmas it was great to enjoy leysin together. We have done some really solid training; swimming, gymming and treadmilling in the Leysin sport centre. We are so very lucky to be able to use such a great facility right on our doorstep. I have been cycling 3 times a week at the velodrome with AJ and the “Team Leysin”, with lots of the cyclists and triathletes from Leysin all whizzing round the track in Aigle.
Oh also for the summer, one of the “Team Leysin”, Silvano(one of the worlds best down hill skiers a few years back, now a very strong cyclist) has introduced us to a mechanic not far from Aigle who works in his garage and does a great job, will be perfect for any of our little problems any of the team has in the summer.
Anyway, obvioulsy Bella and I are very excited, the wedding is hopefully going to be end of November in Perth Scotland, so kilts all round!

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