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2nd at IMUK 70.3

Monday, June 16th, 2008

The race is in a beautiful part of the English countryside, with lots of rolling hills which is a big feature of the race.

My race went well, I swam ok, The eventual Winner Fraser Cartmell had a 30sec lead on the rest of us at the end of the swim. Onto the bike and after T1 I was in 2nd and felt surprisingly spritely on the bike. Somehow my bike legs returned for this race (fastest bike split(not sure I have had that before:)). Luke bell and myself went about catching Fraser and just after the half way mark we caught him and I made a little break on a decent, they both eventually came back to me but seemed content to just follow till T2, I entered T2 in 1st and was onto the run with a small Gap to Fraser and a 30sec gap to Luke, I thought well lets push now and see if I can get away. But no on the the 2nd uphill Fraser came back to me an immediatly put in a strong surge which gapped me and I had to work very hard to coles back up to him.

The run continued in that fashion with Fraser pushing hard on all the uphills and then I trying to push on the downhills and flats, but we were not going to get rid of each other so it came to the last 500m which was a Grass uphill finish, Fraser went for it and I didn’t have enough in my legs to match him and he won by 13secs.

Well done Fraser, You were the best athlete on the day.

Both Fraser and I went faster than Chris McCormack’s course record from 2 years ago. I think we both felt it was great to have such a competetive race with each other. Next time I will work on reversing that result though:)

Bella was once again an inspiration, showing what grit and determination(everyday) can achieve.

Training in the clouds!

Saturday, June 7th, 2008

Yes for the last few days we have been training in the clouds up here in Leysin. It’s quite novel for a day or so, but I wish the sun would come back now:(

I always love the routine of training, and that’s a good thing as we do alot of it! I suppose that the most important thing if you want to be a proffesional athlete, is the love of training and testing yourself each day.

But I I have a secret for you, for success in sport. I think it applies to any sport………………………………


When I started triathlon again (I think it was 6years ago) I was pretty rubbish at swimming, but with lots of consistent work and some smart coaching, I am swimming not too bad:) For a triathlete!

So next up for me is UK 70.3 next Sunday, I look forward to seeing some of you there.

Ciao for now.