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Monday, September 22nd, 2008

I have been in Korea for about 2weeks now, I have had some good training and have enjoyed getting to know Jeju. The training here is really good, we have a great 50m pool, a perfect gym, great running track and the cycling here is really really good, the roads are so smooth they have to be the best roads anywhere I have ridden, and all of them are good, we haven’t seen a bad one yet! There is so much variety too, and with the roads being so quiet too it is a bit of a cycling paradise:)

This last weekend I got to know Jeju during the night and how their hospitals are too:(

It was a bout of the old food poisoning that had Bella and Brett worried with them both taking me to the hospital twice on Thursday evening. Anyway after 3nights in the Soggiwipo(that’s the name of the town, or something like that) hospital and lots of drips and antibiotics, I was allowed out into the land of the healthy and wow it was great to be able to have a walk down to the beach yesterday and feel almost normal again.

Thankyou all the team here for all their concern and your magazines that kept me sane . A very special thanks to the very amazing Bella for looking after me and keeping calm in a stressfull situation. And to the ever dependable Brett who is the one person you want in your corner in a crisis.

Anyway all is on the up again.

Ironman UK Champion

Tuesday, September 9th, 2008

Well I have done this race 3 times since the first IMUK 4years ago and it has allways been a tough course but this year they managed to make it even tougher!

The swim was the same as allways with a 2 lap around the pretty Sherbourne castle lake in the very fresh (i mean cold) water, then the bike they made into a hilly 3 lap affair which is just short sharp hills all the way around and a nasty wind on Sunday made it double tough. Then the run course was also a 3 lapper with half the lap a fell run around the castle grounds then the other half of the lap a tricky run through the streets and alleyways of Sherbourne village. I thought the course was great and enjoyed it very much. I just hope the first time Ironmen and Women appreciate what a tough Ironman they have just done.

Anyway my race started well, I was smart at the start and knew from last year that we would get helpd in the 16degree water for a long time until all the athletes had entered the water and so I stayed warm on the lake side doing my land warm up then entered at the last min. This worked a treat and I was not too cold at the start and had a great start and swam on Fraser Cartmells feet the whole swim, I probably annoyed him by touching his feet everynow and then, sorry Fraser:) We had 3 others in our front group including Spencer Smith but through T1 Fraser and I went really fast and dropped them all and never saw anyone else for the whole ride.

We built up a 6min lead on Spencer and 10min lead on the rest. Great. But I was not over confident of the win. At the 70.3 earlier in the year I came off the bike with Fraser and thought I would be able to out run him but he was very strong that day and out ran me, so I headed out onto the run. Fraser came straight up to me and followed , I had been told to make it a true marathon, so I set off at a solid pace and thought if you can follow me then good on you. By the top of the first hill about 2.5mile in I had a small gap and so kept pushing. The gap kept opening up and by the last lap I had a good 10mins on last years winner Scott Neyedli after Fraser pulled out after 2 laps. I still felt pretty good although this course really was very strength sapping, but I was able to ease off and not run too hard, with the next 2 months ahead, I have The world IM Championships then the 70.3 World Champs so I wanted to save myself from too much fatigue.

The last couple of miles were fantastic I felt good I knew I had a big lead and I really enjoyed the moment and took it all in especially the final bit to the finish line, I stop to hug my mum and dad then crossed the finish line to win my 2nd Ironman and my home Ironman which was a really special moment.

The day then got even better as I knew Bella was winning, but I didn’t know by how much, in the end she crossed the line 36mins ahead of the next girl. She was pretty exhausted and emotional so I said to her “why did you push so hard, you are miles ahead” but I knew the answer, Bella only knows one way and that is to give everything she has.

It was a great day. I’d like to say a special thanks to our Homestay who were some welcoming of us into there home and so supportive during the whole weekend. Thank you.

And Well done to everyone who completed this Ironman It really is a tough one.