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Ironman Hawaii

I ended up finishing 18th I was hoping for better but I gave it what I had on the day.

Warming up for the swim start there was a Turtle swimming infront of the start line close to the surface, I was a little worried for his safety but am sure he moved out of the way. I had a good start and was behind Potts and Sanson but couldn`t stay with them so had to move across to the main group and stayed in the midst of that till the end and came out in 9th a fine start.

Onto the bike and I had been told that the first 10km would be fast and it was. I lost the front group at about 15km and kind of slipped back throught the bike leg although did pick a few off who struggled in the 2nd half. Oh yeah, I also got stung by a bee that flew into my helmet and lost my sun glasses shaking it out of the helmet, that was fun:)

Coming off the bike I was probably in the mid 20′s position. I felt really bad, my back was very stiff and I was struggling to get any pace going, but after the first turn around I got going and tried to push on as best I could but I seeemed not to have much spring in my step. Then my elastic laces on one of my shoes snapped, (I do not know how this happened but it is a nightmere I have had a few times about my shoes falling off during the run, So I had to stop and tie a knot before they came fully out) it did not take long to fix. I got to 12km to go and was catching a few and there was about 3 or 4 guys in catchable distance, so I pushed as best I could and passed 2 and was withing touching distance of 2 more with 2mile to go but I must of used what energy I had as I started to lose ground on them and then was trying to hold off the guy behind who passed me with half a mile to go and I tried to go with him but he left me and I came in 18th.

It was a great race and I learnt alot about how I need to race here.

Then to see Bella finish in 7th was the best and has made this trip a great success. She has worked so hard and smart to achieve this result.

Well done to Chrissie, Erica, Bella, Belinda, Hillary, Donna and Steve.

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