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The Stag Do!

Monday, November 17th, 2008

Well this is just to inform those that were at all worried, mainly mum and Bella, that I survived in good shape and have eyebrows and everything else still in tact:)

It was a great night down in Bournemouth a good bunch of friends and family, some fantastic fancy dress especially by gav who didn’t know it was 70′s dress and came as elvis, very good look.

Well done to my brother for organising it, and I know he is still upset that the bouncers stopped him from putting me in the Borat mankini, that ‘s a shame ;)

Clearwater 70.3

Tuesday, November 11th, 2008

There is Luck and there is stupidity. I was the victim of my own stupidity on Saturday. Among other mistakes I made during the race.

I had a decent start running off the beach but then got squished when 2 groups came together and got pushed under, beaten up and swum over. Which really isn’t very pleasant. Anyway made my way back through the group but ended the swim a bit down on the front.

This is where my stupidity kicks in, now in Hawaii i wore my blue seventy speed suit and the zip undoes by pulling the zip down, where as the wetsuit undoes by pulling the zip up! Now I know this I have used the suit all year with no problems, but somehow I got in the habit from one race of pulling the zip down. So I think I have pulled the zip down, and try to pull the suit off, oh it won’t come off, so I end up standing in transition trying to rip the bastard off, I ripped it a fair bit, must be my big biceps, until another athlete ( so thank you whoever it was, very kind of you) pulled the zip up and volla, the wetsuit zip comes undone. What an idiot I felt!!

So onto the bike not going great, get to half way and got a drafting penalty, stand for 4mins watching everybody go past, ride back to transition start the run miles behind, and call it a day after seeing Bella at 5miles and getting the time gaps.

Oh well, it was great to see Rei and Erica giving there all out there and having good results at the end.

Next up is the World Wedding Championships in Perth Scotland, Bella and I are the only competitors and there is a prize for best male and best female so as long as we get to the finish line we will both be champions:)