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Still at Club La Santa « Stephen Bayliss's Blog


Still at Club La Santa

I am starting to feel like an Expat that has moved out here and lives on the Island. Everything is very familar now, actually maybe at some point we will be as we are entering a raffle and the prize is a luxury house by the coast here in Lanzarote, that would be nice :)

Training is good here, the 50m pool is great , if we wanted we could swim up and down all day, although today there was a strong wind and it seemed to make it really cool for swimming, I think it was just the air on our back and arms cooling us off so much as the water was a fine temperature.

1 week till Ironman Lanzarote, it is a very spectacular course, with a very challenging bike ride which is basically 1 lap of the Island and it is normally extremely windy and always very hilly, then for the run the sun is normally out and it is unshaded up and down the beach front in Puerto Del Cramen, the best guy and girl will certailny win!

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