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At the top of the hill.

Wednesday, August 26th, 2009
Bella at the top for the Col du Pillon

Bella at the top of the Col du Pillon

This is what we do on our day off. We cycled to the top of the Col Du Pillon, then you turn left and keep going up for a few more Km’s till you get to a restauraunt by the lake.

Very nice:)

Oh ah Embrunman

Tuesday, August 18th, 2009

That is the sound I was making for most of the day on Saturday during the race.

I felt fine in the swim and lead for most of the swim. 

Then on to the bike and I was with Loy and Berlier and my legs just wouldn’t go with them.  I knew it was going to be a tough day as we were just behind Bella and Erika out of the swim (they had a 10min head start) and I struggled to catch them, it was then a good sight and a not so encouraging sight for me that Bella was still right up with me at the top of the first climb.  Oh ah I know it was gonnna be a tough day.  Then I was caught by a big group on the way to the Col d’Izoard, I started the climb ok but dropped my chain about 1/4 the way up and so lost the group then caught them again then lost them again, then was making an awful lot of oh’s and ah’s till the top. 

At this stage it was already decided by the race that I limit my loses so I rode as best I could, which wasn’t very good, till the end.

Onto the run and was not much better I caught 3 guys and so ended up 8th.

Bella added another win to the long list:)

James showed everyone he is very strong and will win an Ironman sometime soon.

Erika looked very cool as always, and did a great effort.  There was a great picture of her in the paper leading out of the swim ahead of Bella. 

Jocelyn surprised everyone I think, wow, great race Jocelyn!

Keegan had a long tough day like me, and like me did well to get to the finish.

And the Boss, I think he had a great day out.

Bella, The most dominant female athlete at present.

Monday, August 10th, 2009


Maybe I am a bit biased.  I am sure their are some good arguments for Chrissie being the most dominant but lets look at the evidence.

4 Ironman wins and 1 Iron distance win in 2008, plus 7th at Hawaii. 

3 Ironman wins so far in 2009

12 Ironman carrer wins and 2 Iron dist wins so far!

If you were to go back to the year 2000 or even when Bella competed at the Commonwealth Games in 2002, there would not have been many people to predict the above results.  Perhaps only one,  Brett!

She would not argue with the fact that she is not the most physically gifted, but she is gifted in the most important area, her attitude.

Anyway, all hail queen of Ironman, Bella.

Check out a lovely article by Kevin Mackinnon on: http://ironman.com/columns/ironmanlife/kevin-mackinnon-resports-on-one-of-ironmans-most-decorated-champions

2nd at Ironman UK

Wednesday, August 5th, 2009

Last year Bella married the winner of Ironman UK. So I have been worried what would happen if I didn’t manage to win and unfortunately I didn’t quite manage to win…………

But lucky for me after the race, Bella said that she is going to give our relationship at least 50years to see how we go:)

I had a good swim, I led the first lap and then Philip Graves, the eventual winner, led the 2nd lap and put in a couple of fast efforts so then we were just the 2 at the end of the swim. Then from the start of the bike Philip gradually opened up a lead and so we both rode our own pace all alone for 180km. At the end of the bike I saw Philip heading out onto the run and I was 7mins behind, I felt this a managable gap to try to catch him.

I ran my best, I wish I had had a bit more to catch him, but in the end Philip had a great race and I was 2mins 28secs behind. I was dissapointed but had a good race and was beaten by a stonger man on the day. Well done to Philip on a very impressive debut Ironman.

I will be back and stronger to fight another day.