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Monday, November 23rd, 2009

Bella and I arrived to Cozumel last week. I like it here it is very beautiful. Once out of the small town, the main road around the island is very quiet, sometimes it is more busy when there are lots of cruise ships in the docks. But when it is quiet and you are out on the coast it is like you are on an island all to yourself, a long stretch of coast and not a person or building to be seen.

On Sunday we race Ironman Cozumel. I feel good and am looking forward to the race.

70.3 World Champs. Post race.

Sunday, November 15th, 2009

Well the race is done. I finished 16th. But I am happy that I was in the race. The issues I had in Hawaii were fixed and I put myself in pretty much the right position at the end of the bike.

Unfortunately I was not able to run as I wanted, It was really hard work the whole run, not one of those runs where you are springing along. But I pushed as hard as I could and ended up in 16th after a sprint finish with Rei:)

It was great to have Bella out there giving me support and time splits, I really wanted to do well so she had something to watch.

I did ok, I think we are getting there!

70.3 World Champs. Pre race.

Saturday, November 14th, 2009

Since IM Hawaii, which was a big disappointment for me, I have rectified a few issues and mistakes I made before and during the race. I have had a really great 4 weeks training after Hawaii and am looking to show this on Saturday at the 70.3 Champs here in Clearwater.

We have travelled down here from Panama City Beach and I am doing my last few days preparation down here in Clearwater.

The race is going to be more like an non drafting olympic distance race than an Ironman, but I know what to do and have been doing some good fast work in training. It will take a fast swim and bike then a super fast half marathon to do well here on Saturday.

My aim will be top 10 but I won’t be stopping once I am in the top 10, I will take every place I can.”

Watching IM Florida

Sunday, November 8th, 2009

It was very nerve wracking watching Bella race. I am still very much awake and so can’t go to sleep, so I thought I would write about today.

It was a normal Ironman morning, up early, eat breakfst, down to transition, pump up tyres, a warm up jog, but then I had to watch my wife go into battle. She went at it. Bashed up the Gulf of Mexico, then ripped up the roads of Florida on the bike. Then onto the run in 4th and she went for it, tried her hardest to catch all in front, just 1 girl was left, then with maybe 9miles to go she had not much more left in the tank, and 3rd place was charging fast! Bella got caught then stuck to her, was not going to let her go. Eventually with 1mile to go she could not hold on as 2nd place surged away.

Maybe not her best ever IM run, but as always she gave it her absolute heart and soul! I am very proud of her.

My Nintendo

Thursday, November 5th, 2009

I am still playing my nintendo, I am on Level 4 now of the Game “up” I had to kill a crocodile with my stick and hearing aid to complete the level. I have discovered that “up” is a film that is coming out soon and this game is along the same lines as the film story. I have bought a couple more games too. A learn French game, so I can try and speak French to people in Leysin:) And sonic the hedge hog, this is to practice my racing skills, but I will be pretending I am a hedge hog too I suppose.