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Saturday, January 30th, 2010
Leysin pool looking inviting.

Leysin pool looking inviting.

We have had a massive dump of snow overnight, so the skiers are very happy.

Running up at the top of Leysin in the morning.  This is before the big dump of snow.

Running up at the top of Leysin in the morning. This is before the big dump of snow.

If anybody is wondering how come my legs are looking so enormous, it is just because I have 2 pairs of tights on:)

Bella chasing me.

Bella chasing me.

Thanks to Daniel for the great pool pictures.  Check out Daniels website for some more great pictures of Leysin and the mountains :   http://web.me.com/boussole2/boussole2/Accueil.html


Wednesday, January 20th, 2010

What is it with computers? Why can I not just buy a computer and use it without it asking me 10 times a day if I want to update this and update that. Surely these things should work without having to be updated every bloody day. Also, when I used to press “ok” when asked to update, half the time it would end up messing up my computer. Usually this is Windows asking me to update all these things, there must be some conspiracy to all this.

At this very moment it is asking me if I want a “Java”!!! That’s the other thing you see, none of what it asks you makes any sense to me either. Can’t it use normnal english? I guess not as it doesn’t really need anything new, what it should say is “do you want to install some load of nothing that won’t make a blind bit of difference and might actually mess up your computer”

I no longer press “ok” so I have 100 updates pending, I fully expext my laptop to explode with frustration some time soon.

Bella has a little laptop with Linux on it, now linux is a free thing on her laptop instead of buying windows, and it works and doesn’t ask to be updated every 2 seconds. However it also doesn’t seem to be compatible with some other programmes so it is not perfect either.

I’m sure it is just so we have to keep buying stuff, but it would be nice to just have a computer with all the programmes one needs and be able to use them without all these updates all the time.

Anyway I am presently sitting on our sofa, where I spend alot of my time:), sipping a beer and enjoying the view of the snowy mountains, whilst watching “the loose women” on ITV. I would post a picture but we left our camera at my parents and so it is in the mail on it’s way here.


From snowy Croydon to snowy Leysin

Wednesday, January 13th, 2010

Yes we are now back to our place in Leysin. We arrived late on Monday and it is such a magical feeling driving into the mountains with all the lights of the towns and the stars in the sky.  Then in the morning it was a beautiful clear day and white snow everywhere, it’s such a pleasure to wake up to see the views.

At home in Croydon.

Monday, January 4th, 2010

On our way driving down to Croydon from Scotland I was singing “Homeward bound”  I was very excited to get back to Croydon.

Below you can see what I was so excited about. 

YouTube Preview Image

I have been showing Bella all the sights and she has been faining interest very well:)

Crystal Palace FC are doing very well they are in with a chance of promotion to the Premiership and are still in the FA cup.  The glory days may be coming back.

Below are a couple more pictures for those that can’t get enough of Croydon.