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Who needs TV when you have you tube. « Stephen Bayliss's Blog


Who needs TV when you have you tube.

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It’s not that we don’t have TV here in Krabi, we actually have BBC World, A football channel and 2 movie channels, so plenty of entertainment, but we also have a great internet connection in our rooms so lots of you tube clips to watch:) I have just been flicking though Family Guy clips, very funny. I will have a look for South Park clips next, that’s my favourite show:)

The boss has found us a great location here, just on the outskirts of town and very close to the 50m outdoor pool (they must have at least 10x as many 50m pools here in Thailand as the UK, it’s incredible!) and the tartan track. Great quiet roads. Ah yes and a great restaraunt at the hotel, lovely food and crazy cheap!

One of the great things about our Team TBB (and I suppose about doing triathlon generally) is we mix with so many different people from different countries and cultures, just yesterday we were running at the track and there was me the English man, Hiro the Japanese man, Brandon the American, Caroline the Swiss girl, Rebecca the Australian girl and a young Thai lad from the local club all running together. Not speaking much but just running and mixing.  It’s a shame the leaders of some of the countries of the world that are at war can’t go out and have a run together and just enjoy the world with each other, we can only hope!!

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