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Amazing people in Lanzarote. « Stephen Bayliss's Blog


Amazing people in Lanzarote.

Thanks Bob Foy for the photo.

Thanks Bob Foy for the photo.

Well there is my wife Bella, she is amazing. What she did on Saturday was a courageaous effort. To hold off the 2 girls behind her when all her legs wanted to do was stop was just brilliant, I am incredibly proud of her!

Now apart from my amazing wife. We have met so many wonderfull people while here in Lanzarote. So many people have wished us well and said such nice things to us both, we have both been genuinly touched by lots of peoples kindness and generosity towards us, our whole time here in Lanzarote.

People in the Green team at Club La Santa, athletes training here on the island, athletes racing the Ironman, family of athletes, spectators here on holiday, so many people with kind words and encoragement for both of us.

A big thank you to all of you!

I guess we all do the Ironman for all sorts of different reasons.
For instance we met the lady who finished as the last women across the finish line, we met her in the spa yesterday afternoon. She and her friends were very lovely towards Bella and I and interested in what we do. But to me, her story was much more insparational. She had some very emotional reasons for doing this race, and listening to her story yesterday, It struck me what an amazing achievement she had accomplished by getting around the Ironman course here in Lanzarote. Well done to you!

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