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Getting ready for Ironman UK

Thursday, July 22nd, 2010

I am looking forward to Ironman UK on the 1st August.  This will be the 5th time I have raced IMUK, I have only missed one of the IMUK’s since they started.

It is now in Bolton instead of Sherbourne, but it is a good challenging coures, the weather could do anything, but the lake is sure to be cold, UK lake s are always cold:)

Training has been going well and I will be giving it my all as always.

In the pool.  Actually this is a picture that Daniel took of me in the winter.  But I look th same now:)  So I though it was still relevant;)
In the pool. Actually this is a picture that Daniel took of me in the winter. But I look the same now:) So I thought it was still relevant;)

Ironman Austria

Tuesday, July 6th, 2010

I’m pretty pissed with the race to be honest. Not especially with my performance, although I didn’t do great especially the run where I lost alot of time due to lack of calories.

No my problem is the 8% rule, I was just outside the 8% of Marino. I entered the race knowing this rule, and didn’expect it to be an issue, but I have said when I heard of this rule how ridiculous I think it is.

Anyway from myself in 6th place to 10th place we won’t be getting any prize money for our efforts on Sunday. I think it is a disgrace not to pay us. We busted our balls, sometimes one doesn’t have great days but along with the others in the top 10 who won’t be getting their prize money, we gave our all out there, the few hundred dollars(yeah alot isn’t it!) would bloody help in this sport.

Well my race started well, although there was a fast swimmer who I was behind at who it appears had arranged with the organisers to be towed by the lead canoe! It was literally right in front of him the whole way!! Apparently they wanted a swimming record or something, I mean what is that about! Without the canoe maybe I would have kept up with him. We had a gap to the rest but once I lost his feet I then got caught by the guys behind then just lead them around the whole swim, that was kind of me ay;)

Then the bike, none of us could go with Marino’s pace so he just went and we did our best and the 3 of us came off the bike in 4:35 and I felt ready to run.

So as you would have gathered by now the run didn’t go to plan and I ran an unimpressive 3:04 and was 1min out side 8% of Marino and knew it at the finish and was rightly pissed off!