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Update from Leysin

Monday, August 30th, 2010

There is not quite this much snow today. A few more months until Leysin looks like this:)

I am currently sitting on our balcony looking at some fresh snow that fell last night on top of the mountains. It looks like a bit of icing sugar has been spinkled on top. I think it has been done just for the decoration:)

All is well in Camp Leysin, lots of good training has been done by all. Lots of good racing too!

The high season for tourism has finished here now, so it is a bit less busy, but also it means the PamPam(our closest super market) shuts at lunch time and on Sundays so we have to remember this;)

It feels like winter today in Leysin but I think there is still plenty of the summer left. I hope so anyway. Lots more training and racing to do before the year is out:)

Oh as I speak some very handsome cows have just been hearded past our building, I like seeing the animals around here. On the way up the hill to Leysin, I see lots of different animals. Occasionally on the train up I see a mountain goat. From the road I see; dear, donkeys, cows, sheep, a sheep dog that looks like a sheep(there is a sign on the fence explaining what a special dog he is), horses, eagles, very occasionally a black squirrel(it is probably not a squirrel but looks like one), that is all I can think off at the moment, I’m sure there is more species that I have forgot about.

Mountain biking up to the top then down to the bottom:)

Friday, August 20th, 2010

This is at the top of the mountain at the Berneuse restaraunt. Magnificent views. My brother is in the background climbing up Mont Blanc, I'm serious, he is. I think he gets to the summit tomorrow.

I used to do alot of mountainbiking.  I have even won a few mtb races when I was a youngerster.   Although I haven’t ridden a MTB for quite a long time and at first it did feel very different and took a while to get used to it again,  but it was great fun. 

I loved it but honestly all my MTB skills seem to have dissapeared!  Then again having the brakes the wrong way round and the bike was a bit of a rattler,  all didn’t help.  That’s my excuse any way.

So  Bella and I decided to have an easy ride to the top of the mountain here in
Leysin,  then race back down to home.  I decided to take the blue run, which I thought was tricky enough,  the red run is a bit trickier with some pretty mean wodden  jumps built along the route.  I thought I better give that a miss this first time:)  Bella did very well having never really ridden off road before.
On the way up

On the way to the top.


Monday, August 16th, 2010

What a great triathlon Embrunman is. The winner is always a very good triathlete. Well done to Marcel Zamora Perez showing what a strong triathlete he is but also well done to James for pushing him all the way.

My race: I had a fine swim coming out in the front group and then struggled up the first climb but came over the top with James and some others. James set a good pace and we caught back up to Faure and Zamora before the start proper of the Col d izord. I seemed to lose all my strength and really struggled all the way up the Col. I was then on my own for the next 90km all the way to the end of the bike.

I think I was in 8th at the end of the bike, but with a big gap to all the others in front.

I ran the best I could and managed to cross the finish line in 5th place.

And so I get a nice pay check and had a great days training in the french alps.

Team TBB had an interesting time in Embrun once again. Well done to Tereza on her win, and to Bella for pushing on when she is not in the shape she has been before at this race and so has to deal with not being as fast as she was but she still carries on and gets something for her days work. She will be back to her best before the year is out:) Well done to Scott on 7th and Brandon for getting the Embrunman experience.

Back home to leysin now and to prepare for Hawaii in 7weeks time.

Leysin in the summer.

Monday, August 9th, 2010
Leysin is getting busy,  especially at the weekends;  people come to walk, mountain bike, play tennis or just enjoy the scenary.  The weather at the moment is absolutely beautiful,  and I know I have said before but the views around here are the best,  it really is as beautifull as anywhere in the world.
Next weekend lots of us have the yearly pilgrimage to Embrun for Embrunman.   For those that don’t know about this race;  it is an Iron distance race(well a bit more on the bike) in the french alps,  the biggest climb of the day is the Col d izord, which comes at about half distance, l I think the summit is about half way, but the toughness really starts after the decent with a few more nasty little climbs all the way to the finish.
It is sure to be a fun day for all,  especially the boss,  who will see it all and learn alot about all of us I am sure;)
Bella and I in the "internet office" at the pool.  Picture courtesy of Daniel, to see more of his pictures of Leysin visit  web.me.com/boussole2

Bella and I in the "internet office" at the pool. Picture courtesy of Daniel, to see more of his pictures of Leysin visit web.me.com/boussole2

2nd at Ironman UK

Tuesday, August 3rd, 2010

Bella and I headed back to the UK late last week and got to the sports complex here in Leigh near Bolton, we checked out the course and got ourselves organised for the race.

The lake was not as cold as last year so that was nice:)  I had a good start and was next to Fraser he then took the lead and I followed behind him,  he swam a very good pace,  Axel Zeebroek was behind me and Brandon behind him. Out of the swim and Fraser legged it too transition I managed to catch him with a quick wetsuit strip and we headed out onto the bike with a 30sec gap to Axel behind. After about 30km Fraser put in a really good surge on the back section of the course and left me. Axel caught back up to me and we stayed together until the end of the bike.  We were getting some splits ocasionally on the bike, Fraser had opened up about 6mins by just over half way but we managed to keep the gap to 6mins 40sec at the end of the bike. Onto the run and my plan was to try and catch Fraser, I started solidliy and so did Axel and we ran side by side, at the turn around in Bolton we got a split of 7mins, arrgh! So I pushed on and Axel then styed behind me till the Last turnaround, with 12km to go the split was 6mins 30sec, arrgh, I kept pushing and dropped Axel but knew Fraser would probably have to really start to struggele for me to catch him. I finished in 2nd, 6min 1sec behind Fraser.

Big congratulations to Fraser he really was the best athlete on Sunday and did a very fine job. I gave it all I had and wasn’t able to match him. Next time I will be stronger though;)