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Mountain biking up to the top then down to the bottom:) « Stephen Bayliss's Blog


Mountain biking up to the top then down to the bottom:)

This is at the top of the mountain at the Berneuse restaraunt. Magnificent views. My brother is in the background climbing up Mont Blanc, I'm serious, he is. I think he gets to the summit tomorrow.

I used to do alot of mountainbiking.  I have even won a few mtb races when I was a youngerster.   Although I haven’t ridden a MTB for quite a long time and at first it did feel very different and took a while to get used to it again,  but it was great fun. 

I loved it but honestly all my MTB skills seem to have dissapeared!  Then again having the brakes the wrong way round and the bike was a bit of a rattler,  all didn’t help.  That’s my excuse any way.

So  Bella and I decided to have an easy ride to the top of the mountain here in
Leysin,  then race back down to home.  I decided to take the blue run, which I thought was tricky enough,  the red run is a bit trickier with some pretty mean wodden  jumps built along the route.  I thought I better give that a miss this first time:)  Bella did very well having never really ridden off road before.
On the way up

On the way to the top.

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