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Update from Leysin « Stephen Bayliss's Blog


Update from Leysin

There is not quite this much snow today. A few more months until Leysin looks like this:)

I am currently sitting on our balcony looking at some fresh snow that fell last night on top of the mountains. It looks like a bit of icing sugar has been spinkled on top. I think it has been done just for the decoration:)

All is well in Camp Leysin, lots of good training has been done by all. Lots of good racing too!

The high season for tourism has finished here now, so it is a bit less busy, but also it means the PamPam(our closest super market) shuts at lunch time and on Sundays so we have to remember this;)

It feels like winter today in Leysin but I think there is still plenty of the summer left. I hope so anyway. Lots more training and racing to do before the year is out:)

Oh as I speak some very handsome cows have just been hearded past our building, I like seeing the animals around here. On the way up the hill to Leysin, I see lots of different animals. Occasionally on the train up I see a mountain goat. From the road I see; dear, donkeys, cows, sheep, a sheep dog that looks like a sheep(there is a sign on the fence explaining what a special dog he is), horses, eagles, very occasionally a black squirrel(it is probably not a squirrel but looks like one), that is all I can think off at the moment, I’m sure there is more species that I have forgot about.

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