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On route to Kona Hawaii « Stephen Bayliss's Blog


On route to Kona Hawaii

At this moment I am at an airport hotel in Geneva about to start my journey to Hawaii. Bella and I spent the night here in Geneva, Bella has already arrived in Sardinia this morning, it is just a short flight over. Tomorrow she will be racing the Tristar222 race. It is 2km, 200km, 20km.

So I head to London to pick up my mum on route, then By Monday we will have arrived in Kona.

I will have the week to get ready, loosened up and all sorted out for the Race on Saturday.

I am very excited to be racing at the World Championships for Ironman, my mum is also excited, it is great that she can come and watch and experince the race and the beautiful Island the race is on.

I had a nice jog this morning in Geneva, I went down the side of the airport and eneded up going over the border to France, I was a little concerned about coming back over the border as I didn’t have any ID, but there was not a problem and I was alowed back to Switzerland:)

On football news, Crystal Palace are really not doing very well still. Plenty of time left to pick up some points though!!

And Croydon Athletic Football club, who play in the Ryman League(that is about 6 divisions below the Premiership, I think!) Are in trouble too. They were owned by a local Pakistani buisness man who was involved in the Cricket Betting scandal recently, so unfortunately for the football club, all his assets have been frozen so no one has been payed!! All players and staff have left, but they are still trying to carry on with local players who will play for nothing. Maybe I could take a trip back to Croydon every now and then and get a match!!

Sorrry about no pictures, my excuse is the internet in Leysin is too weak and so doesn’t like attaching pics:)

I will be aiming to do a couple of blogs from Kona to update on what I have been doing and seeing. I will see if I can get some picturtes too.

Ok better get packed up and get the shuttle to the Airport now:)

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