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Hawaii update. « Stephen Bayliss's Blog


Hawaii update.

Mum and I arrived on Monday night. We checked in to our apartment, we were very pleased to have been upgraded to a 2 bed apartment. It is a great apartment: Aircon, internet, massive bedrooms and living space:)  It is great, maybe not quite Beks crip,  she has the sea view too, nice!!  But really very very nice:)

Mum doing the cooking, oh yes I am a lucky boy:)

Talking of upgrades, on the flight over from London Heathrow, we were upgraded to World Traveller plus, it was great, extra big seats and much more room. Very good entertainment system, we were much less stiff then usual after the flight. Thank you to Emma and Nigel for arranging the upgrade on the flight. It was very much apprecate by us both:)

Another upgrade was the car. I had found a great deal, $200 for the week in Kona, but it was supposed to be a small crap car, when I picked it up I got this(to us brits this is a massive car, I know still small to you americans!).

My Dodge Caliber:) I like it:)

Here is another picture of me in a typical pose, on the sofa watching TV and on the internet at the same time, oh yes very happy indeed:)

Stephen in typical sofa pose!

Yesterday I had a nice ride up the queen K,  I bumped into Erica,  she had no idea who I was:)  Maybe she has worked out by now who the strange man shouting at her was:) Then I bumped into Bek,  I gave her a fright!  Mainly because she had her earphones in listening to some pumping tunes, naughty!

Mum had a walk down Ali drive, she saw lots of athletes and ask me why they were all not wearing many clothes?  Because they want a nice tan:)

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