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Ironman World Championships. « Stephen Bayliss's Blog


Ironman World Championships.

I wasn’t going to write a blog about my race yesterday. I would quite like to forget about my own race performance yesterday. But I thought I owe a report to my reader, I think I have one:)

So I was very nervous. I think everyone is? But I did all my normal pre race stuff. I felt good swimming to the start.

The gun went off and the stupid paddle board in front of me didn’t move, I had to litteraly climb over it, arrrgggh, I was hoping for a good start. Anyway I swam really hard and managed to get up near the front. It was a fight to stay up near the front till the end of the swim.

Onto the bike and around the town was easy enough. Then the real race starts as you hit the Queen K. I raced down the first down hill section then onto the first drag and BAM I get a red card, immediately, just me, yes I got too close, so did every other in the group it looked like to me.

But I guess if I got too close then that is against the rules. Then to be honest that was the beginning of the end for me.   My head gradually began to implode and then completely disintergrated on me while standing in the penalty tent at 50km watching the race go by. I did carry on for a while after the penalty tent but my will was gone.

It shouldn’t have, I was weak. I decided to quit.

I will regroup and move onto the next race.

I want to say a thank you to all my teammates who I had lunch with today, you all cheered me up it was great to see you all and celebrate your success and of course Caroline’s magnificent performance yesterday. Well done! It has been great to see what you have done this year.

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