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Winter in Leysin « Stephen Bayliss's Blog


Winter in Leysin

Yes winter seems to of arrived here in Leysin.  Being British I have an in built tendency to talk about the weather, so here is a blog mainly about the weather here at the moment:)

Infact this morning we woke up to a completely white Leysin. It has been a very wintery day with strong winds, which is quite unusual for Leysin. We spent a while on the turbo today.

Below is some pictures from a few days ago. 

On theway down the mountain, it was a cold morning!

Bella at the track, after a good workout. I don't think there are any tracks in the world with better views. We are surounded by snow capped mountains:)

Nearly back to home. The temperature was a fair bit warmer here than when we left. Beautiful views again:)

Back home. Bella here in her very common postion on the computer.

So the weather here in Leysin is getting pretty chilly.  Time to move on I think.  We head to Ibiza this week.  We will race the Home de Ferro race on Sunday.  Bella and I both won this race 4 years ago.  We also raced there in 2003,  for the ITU World Long Distance Championships, but we didn’t know each other.  Bella finished 4th and I won the 18-24 age group. 

Ibiza is a very beautiful Island.  It is obviously very well known for it’s clubbing.  But it is also a perfect place to do some triathlon.  Especially at this time of the year when it is a bit quieter.  We are looking forward to getting there:)

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