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Home y Dona de Ferro!

Bella and I are on the front page of the the Diario de Ibiza this morning with this photo and the title “Man and Woman of Iron”  :)

This is the front page picture on the Ibiza newspaper this morning.  It was a special day for us both.

So this is the picture on the front page of the Ibiza news, nice:)

Ibiza is special to both of us as we have raced here and won a few times.  I won my age group at the World Long Distance championships here in Ibiza in 2003,  then Bella and I both won here in 2006,  Bella also won here in 2002.  Then yesterday we managed to both win again, it is actually our first double win as a married couple:)

As Bella has said in her blog,  we woke up to wind a rain bashing on our window the morning of the race.  It was going to add a little extra challenge to the day.

So my race started well.  In the swim there was a group of 4 of us that bashed through the waves in the swim to exited onto the bikes together.

I was in 2nd place for the first 10km which was a straight section of road,  then the next 10km was a twisty hilly section then a dead turn and back to the start, 3 laps in total.  I went to the front on the twisty section and gapped 2 of the group,  I stayed in the lead till the next lap with  1 guy still behind.  I managed to gap him this time on this section and so pushed on.  I was feeling good and had a good lead,  then,  pisshhh,  oh sh+t, a puncture,  so I stop and change the tubular pretty quickly but I get passed.  I get going again and give chase.  I managed to catch him,  then tried hard to get a gap again,  this time it was harder as my legs were tired but on the main climb I got a gap and so pushed on. 

At the end of the bike I had a 1min 30sec lead.  The run had 2 out and back sections so I could see my competition.  I could see 2nd place was running well and over the course of the run was taking some time out of me and got to 30secs with 1 lap of 7.5km to go.  I gave it what I had left and found some extra pace and pulled away to win by 2min 30secs.  It was a great feeling to win.

I had seen out on the course that Bella had a really good lead and looked comfortable so I was confident she would come home with the win too,  which she did and I greeted her at the finish line and we were both so happy to have come to Ibiza and again managed to both win.

Infact it was important we both won. Because in 2006 when we both won here before,  my parents were here to watch,  which was fantastic,  but they took all the papers with our pictures in home,  but the bag got lost!  So this year we had to come back and get some new news papers with our pictures on.

A big thank you to Emma for all her support yesterday it was great to have you there to give us splits and just give us great support all weekend,  thank you!

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