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Training in Ibiza « Stephen Bayliss's Blog


Training in Ibiza

One of the many deserted beaches along the beautiful Ibiza coast line.

The last 3 weeks since the Home de Ferro race we have stayed in a nice apartment in Ibiza town. One draw back was that there was no internet in the apartment, but there was a library next door with free internet so we used that regularly. The only thing is, I am a very large amount lazier than Bella(although I don’t like to call it “lazy” I usually say to Bella that it is because I am a man and I have different hormones and so I need a nap sometimes) and so hence I have not been keeping up with my interneting as much as Bella.

Anyhow, the training has been great here in Ibiza.

A normal day starts with Breakfast and Spanish news on TV, I studied Sapnish at School(I got a D(for dunce):) so I told Bella I understood it all and would guess what the daily news was from the pictures and the odd word I could understand.

We would swim at the very nice 25m indoor pool in Ibiza town. Which was one of 3 in the town and there are many more pools around the island.

The riding was excellent. Very good road surface, some flat riding lots of hilly riding, and all very very quiet, especially on the north side of the island.

Another beautifull emapty beach, have it all to yourself at this time of year!

We would run at the 400m track or down the promenade, it is great to run by the sea, there is something energising about the ocean.

In between session we would pop to the supermarket, which their was a wide choice of, but our considerations were: Could we leave our bike safely, was it on route and did they sell greek yoghurt:)

Of an evening there I would enjoy my usual ritual, which is the same whatever part of the world I am in, of sitting in front of the TV with a smal beer. I had a choice of a few american TV shows that were on in english everynight, same shows in the same order. So it would start with “My name is Earl” They would show 3 straight episodes every night! I loved this show, I had never really seen much of it before, but it has become my favourite TV show at the moment.
Then we would get 2 episodes os “Scubs”, I also grew to like this but not as much as “my name is Earl”
I would then start to get very tierd but would hang in there to watch 1 episode of “American Dad” I also liked this show alot, very funny:)  I would occasionally stay up to watch the next episode of “american Dad”  but by this time it was 9pm and so I was pretty much dead by then!

At this moment we are in Cancun, Mexico.  Today we take a short flight across to Cozumel wheere I will race the Ironman on Sunday.

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