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Stuck in Madrid

Sunday, December 5th, 2010

A picture of the Cozumel coast line from the plane as we come in to land. It was a beautiful view for the whole flight, but next time will we take the ferry the. The flight was cheap but the bike fee was not and so made it much more expensive than the taxi and ferry option.

The snow has tried to stop us, now the Spanish air traffic controllers have tried to stop us! But we hope to catch our flight back to the UK tomorrow afternoon, fingers crossed.

We left Cozumel on Wednesday morning and have had a fairly indirect route home. But the main time waste is being here in Madrid, but we have tried to make the most of our time here. Unfortunately our airport hotel is very unimpressive, lots to moan about there. I think the worst part is the paper thin walls!

Anyway we have found a great pool in Madrid so have been swimming there. Then today we spent the rest of the afternoon in Madrid centre, rather than go back to the crappy hotel. We bought new coats as it is very cold and we don’t have anything suitable with us. I was getting some strange looks walking around with all my cycling tops on at once and my Team TBB head sweat with a pair of my pants(underpants for those amercans reading this) on my head held on by the head sweat:) 

We had some lunch, printed up our RyanAir boarding cards( if you forget they charge you a fortune to print it for you:)),  then headed back to the hotel on the Metro(underground trains) ,  the Metro system seems to be very good and a decent price at 1 euro per journey of any length.

Us in Madrid in our new coats. I think they are very Spanish looking, so we fit in very well.