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Hairy man of Gran Canaria!

Wednesday, February 15th, 2012

Charlie and I waiting for the start of the Gran Canaria Marathon.

2012 started for me with a foot infection, letterally on 1st Jan I woke up with a big red swollen foot! Here’s a tip, take care of your feet, this is the 2nd infection I have had through a wound on my foot, keep blisters and cracks clean and don’t go running through farms with open wounds!!

So I was hoping to run the Gran Canaria marathon, unfortunately I was still getting ride of my foot infection:) So Charlie, my mum and I watched Bella run the half, which we thought she was 2nd in but the results sayshe won. It was confusing as the marathon and half were set off at the same time.
Anyway it was a good run by Bella, she is getting fitter by the week. She is as determined and focused as ever. We are very busy with Charlie and training, but Bella is doing great keeping us all organised and getting everything fitted in.
Charlie is the best and so much fun, we love him so much:)
I am always a bit lazy and don’t shave very often, so at present I am very hairy! I often do a full body hair trim but this has not happened for a while, so I am like the hairy triathlete of Gran Canaria, I am sure all the cool looking road cyclists are not impressed when I wizz past them on my tri bike with very hairy legs:)
Gran Canaria is great, perefct for training in the european winter. We are enjoying our time here alot.
Thank you reader for reading:)
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