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The wolf pack has shrunk!

Wednesday, March 28th, 2012

Dan and Mathias swimming in the sunshine. There was a woman sunbathing topless at the end of the lane. I noticed that both of them were practicing there sighting more than usual;)

It has been great having Dan and Mathias here the last 3 weeks, we all pushed each other in different ways. I think we would make a good IM realay team. Dan would do a great swim (he said while swimming 1:10s at the pool, it is all in the head you know, maybe for him, for Mathias and I it is in the shoulders!), Mathias would do a great bike, (he says he is just getting back into it, but my power meter in my legs suggested I was riding pretty hard just holding his wheel in the valley, he said he wanted to get back to the hotel to make lunch!) I would hope to finish off with a fast run. I ran a track session yesterday with the winner of the Gothenburg marathon, he ran a 2:19, so I have decided that is what I would run in our realy:)
Dan amd Mathias has been replaced by John, Bella first ever triathlon coach, and Rachel, an freind of Bella’s who has won a few Xterra races. We are still all having fun in Gran Canaria

Mothers day in Gran Canaria

Sunday, March 18th, 2012

The wolf pack with the wolf cub, at the coffee shop post a sunny swim:)

It is mothers day today in the UK. So as a mothers day present to Bella. Matias and Dan kindly offered to look after Charlie while I swam so as Bella could do her long ride and then we would have the afternoon together.
So the wolf pack(as Mathias has named us boys here in GC) me being the hariest, I guess I am pack leader:) Charlie is the little wofl cub:)
So we had a lovely morning at the Pool and a post workout coffee and sandwich. Ohh it is a hard life being a triathlete:)

Mathias trying to get out of the pool, but Charlie is not happy about that!

Charlie saying "Mathias put these on and get back in!"

Less hairy in Abu Dhabi.

Sunday, March 4th, 2012

Before I left for Abu Dhabi I had a pre race hair trim so I am currently looking a bit more race ready:)

Dan and I flew out to Abu Dhabi on Wednesday afternoon from Gran Canaria.  We had a fine journey here and were both very glad to get to our extremely comfortable hotel.  The race organistaion really look after the athletes well at this race.  We have been making the most of the half board too:)

We are here for the Abu Dhabi international triathlon.

The race for me went ok.  I had a fine swim coming out just behind Dan in the front group of the swim with just 1 guy ahead with a lead of about 1min.

Our group was about 15 or so guys which stayed together for much of the 200km bike ride.  Riders gradually started getting dropped from this group.  I lost touch at about 150km,  and rode the rest with 1 other guy.  We were both too far down at the end of the bike to be incontact for a top 10.  I ran ok but not mega fast.  And finished in 13th place.

All in all it was a fine way to start the year.  Next up is Challenge Half Fuertaventura in about 6weeks time.  This is also a great race for people who want to start there European race season with a well organised race in a gerat location.

We are flying back to Gran Canaria tonight and I can’t wait to see Bella and Charlie I have really missed them for these few days we have been away.