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The wolf pack has shrunk! « Stephen Bayliss's Blog


The wolf pack has shrunk!

Dan and Mathias swimming in the sunshine. There was a woman sunbathing topless at the end of the lane. I noticed that both of them were practicing there sighting more than usual;)

It has been great having Dan and Mathias here the last 3 weeks, we all pushed each other in different ways. I think we would make a good IM realay team. Dan would do a great swim (he said while swimming 1:10s at the pool, it is all in the head you know, maybe for him, for Mathias and I it is in the shoulders!), Mathias would do a great bike, (he says he is just getting back into it, but my power meter in my legs suggested I was riding pretty hard just holding his wheel in the valley, he said he wanted to get back to the hotel to make lunch!) I would hope to finish off with a fast run. I ran a track session yesterday with the winner of the Gothenburg marathon, he ran a 2:19, so I have decided that is what I would run in our realy:)
Dan amd Mathias has been replaced by John, Bella first ever triathlon coach, and Rachel, an freind of Bella’s who has won a few Xterra races. We are still all having fun in Gran Canaria

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